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2022-08-27 21:07:56 (UTC)

Couch Sexy Wknd Time

Dear Diary,
Another gorgeous day. It rained last night after dark, we could hear it and the wind. Then today as we are sitting on the couch, window wide open and a blue sky ahead, it started to pour! Was so pretty with the half blue sky and being bright out as it poured.

I have been working on my living room, moved the sectional further back to free up space as we have a large living room length wise and then I had to move a shelf out as a result. Put that in the hallway. Put my plants in new spots. I got 3 large ones at Costco not long ago, wish I bought more as they were such a great deal! Ill have to check again this wk and see if they are even stocking house plants still. I also need to get some new pretty pots for them in the house, some potting soil. One of the plants I can break up into 3 plants as its packed in the store pot. I have several house plants, Ive had forever, but they are pricey, so the Costco ones were super cheap and BIG! So I have 2 large plants now in my living room which make me so happy to look at.

So husband has been super stressed with work, so he was so ready to be off friday night and we opted for the French restaurant. He got this lasagna which sounded good also, and I got another dish, with beans, duck, pork, both were really good and some Pistachio Gelato with fresh cream!

We stopped by the grocery store on the way home for a few snack items, got back home, got in our comfy clothes, sat on the couch together, a gummy edible and just chilled out. We sat there for quite awhile just talking, and then put on some youtube videos to watch. We had been listening to music prior, I had put on a pair or white knee socks, sorta sporty with a red and blue thigh stripe, a pair of black bootie type shorts and a white tank top and hair in a pony tail.

Hubby began rubbing my inner thigh, then working his fingers under my clothing and telling me he had some further investigating to do, and that I needed to remove my shorts. I of course had to help him out with a thorough investigation. :)

He was fingering me into heaven. I cant describe the sensation with edibles. everything that feels good already? Feels REALLY REALLY good and Im just absorbing the pleasure and lost in it. And it feels like forever, I have no sense of how much time passed, but we ended up getting up at some point, both using the bathroom and I made us bowls of peanut butter granola with milk and sliced bananas. It was so good! Just sitting on the couch together, with dim lights, music, and eating cereal. I say it often, but we feel like Imposter grown ups. Even though we are approaching 50, I feel like I did in most ways like I was in my 20s. Playful, silly, fun, creative, my mind is still young, it just has a lot more years and experience to add to it now. But I still feel youthful.

So doing things like eating cereal on the couch, or driving at night to get a Frosty are simple pleasures but make you feel like a teenager again in many ways.

We passed out and crawled into bed at some point. I woke up after 4am, I know we got to bed at a decent hour. I washed my face, took my things I didnt take before bed, had a drink of water, got back in bed, listened to some podcasts and realized I was not going to pass back out, I was also a little frisky as we just played last night but nothing more. So I put on some of the Foria oil. Ive cut back on my testosterone, and doing my orgasm experiment to see if they are easy to achieve without it.

I got back in bed, he was OUT. I had rubbed his behind, he had boxers on, and he reached back and touched me and passed back out with his hand still there. So I took it and put his finger into me from behind, He was OUT, breathing loud, and Im grinding on his finger from behind me to see if it will wake him, NOPE! haha, he ended up eventually moving his arm back over. So I turned over and snuggled up close to his backside, kissing his back, rubbing his ass and then reached over to touch his cock, took about 3 times till he started to awaken, it was getting near sunrise now. He then turned over, I had no shorts or panties on, just the tank top and the knee socks, and he was able to push himself into me no problem. I had been so aroused and wanting to do things, touching myself, grinding on his finger, so once he awoke, I was warmed up! And the thrusting just felt so amazing, I just ride it, and feel it and then when he grabs my nipples it just revs my engine up more and I move harder with his thrusts and moan. We did that for quite awhile, as Ive said its one of my fave positions.

I turned over to face him and he pulled me up on top of him and he slid right into me and I just laid there flat on his chest, my face next to his and just holding onto him, feeling so good, so relaxed and a little tired, but happy. And I rode him, grinding, he sucked on my nipples, I got as deep on his cock as I could, and was more flat on top of him with one leg up a bit as it helps him to go deeper and hit the right spot. I just rode him that way and it was incredible, he was playing with my nipples again, and I could feel it edging, what is this??? Is that an Orgasm Im sensing? Ive had trouble with them, and I was feeling the build up(which does happen, but they fizzle when Im almost there which is annoying!) and guess what!??! It happened, I had such a deep strong vaginal orgasm, I was writing around, oh my gosh it took everything out of me. I was so happy and he said "Yummy" as I was cumming. I sat up and rode him, he likes me right on top sitting up right playing roughly with his nipples. Then I got up on my feet, sort of in a squat, squating up and down on his cock. Hearing how wet we were together, and he quickly tapped my side, his motion hes going to cum, I pulled off and grabbed him as he came. I can still get pregnant, so we are just more careful with him cumming in me, I dont think Id get pregnant, we have been together 20 yrs and have no kids together. But thats all I need is a surprise, just read a post of a woman 51 pregnant and expecting, Eeeks would prefer not to be there! I mean if it happened we would welcome it, but we arent trying.

I curled up next to him and we passed out, woke up, used the restroom, he was zonked out and I put something to read on my phone and my eyes quickly grew heavy and I passed back out till after 11am. And nice way to spend a wknd. Automatic sprinklers kicked on and I went to shut them off as we are having all this rain.

Made my Acai bowl with peanut butter granola, bananas, strawberries, chia and hemp seeds. A Suja immunity boost and parked my self back on the couch.

Then we read another chapter in "Come as You Are" and its on Lubrication errors! 3 of them, on not basing someone being aroused from just their genital state, the studies on that, and just being wet as a woman doesnt mean you are aroused, super fascinating chapter and the break down and studies and she goes over the first 50 shades spanking scene as an example of this bad narrative, Christian Grey telling her shes aroused because shes wet... she goes over this in depth in the book, pretty good break down, and as a female, it is spot on. And how our bodies have response to sexual stimuli but it doesnt mean we want sex, etc.

Next chapter is on Desire, so should be good!

And now Im just on the laptop, husband is in the office on his computer, playing around. I can hear a faint rooster crowing outside, its middle of the day and the clouds have set in covering the sunshine, so Im sure more rain soon to come.

I made enchiladas the other night so we can finish that off today. I need to make another batch of the Keto Pumpkin cookies, we ate them all as I made 2 batches. And I have more then half a can of pumpkin I can still use as it takes such a small amount.

I got potato chips and peanut MnMs for my munchies last night, husband got popcorn, so we polished that off. You do get the munchies on edibles, so I try to keep some things around, as we were doing late night McDonalds or Wendys runs when wed feel the munchies, so try to keep some things at home.

I did run to the farmers market and bakery yesterday am, had not done that in awhile. Got some Fresh Raw Cows milk, some veggies and then a loaf of seeded bread, fresh baked, a choco croissant for hubby, his face and some cookies for me. We dont do all that often as its not the best for weight loss, but when you are going to do it, get the real deal with breads and snacks. These are bakers trained outside the US and everything is so good, fresh made.

Well I better get moving and do a rinse off shower and see what we end up doing the rest of our day, I mean I know we arent going anywhere, so probably just lots of couch, book reading, tv and chatting, which has become our norm, to unwind now. I really look forward to the wknds now, its just been our fun time to be together and let loose. And we havent grown tired of it yet.