thenamelessone's diary
2022-08-27 21:56:33 (UTC)

August 27

Today I had a photoshoot with Alice, the girl who helped me find girls for the sexier shoots. Back then she wasn’t interested in the sexier shoot, but she was up for a simpler one, so we did that today. None of us paid the other. We met near a local stadium at a park. She is a happy, smiley girl and she was very enthusiastic. She’s chatty, I was able to maintain a conversation with her. When I was about to end the shoot, she suggested that we go over to the stadium and make some photos there too, so we did. So it was a pretty long shoot. We reviewed the pictures and she liked them very much. I like them too, I think they’re great. It was a good shoot, I think we both had a good time.

I didn’t do anything else today, mostly I just slept before and after the photoshoot. I don’t know why I was so tired before it, but after it I had a reason, it was long, and it was a hot day. At least I wasn’t tired during it.