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2022-08-27 05:15:35 (UTC)

If it were me

The technicals don’t matter. What happened was there was a cross over in our iCloud accounts. My son was getting all her images… and she’s had some moments where she felt like she wanted / needed to take pics you don’t want to share. In fact, I’ve never seen them.

I discovered them today. It’s a device he doesn’t use and hasn’t for years. I was trying to see if I could use it for selling stuff and I ran across images I was sure she took of our daughter. There were also tons of screen captures of her therapy conversations, and apparently more intimate images.

As I saw the images, I asked her to look. I thought they were ones she must have taken. They were. I didn’t recognize 99% of them, but I didn’t look but for 30 seconds and got my bearings that these were hers. That’s messed up.

One thing we trust is our cloud to be private. Yet hers was obviously streaming into our sons. She took the iPad, called apple and 2 hours later was manually deleting stuff. She had some 17k images. Damn. Wow…

Now our daughter has a device that is about that same age. She gave it to her boyfriend so they could FaceTime. Now we have to figure out a way to get her to get that tablet back and check it. Neither of them live in this state anymore. How to ask that question… hmmm…

Is your boyfriend looking at pics of your mom? Not sure that will go over… it’s not our tablet, and she’s an adult. We can’t demand it… but then again, yeah we kinda can, and have to.