Slowly descending into madness
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2022-08-27 03:31:03 (UTC)

He wrote - what makes me cry at 3:30 am

Left me alone when I needed the light
Fell to my knees and I wept for my life
If he had have stayed you might understand
If he had have stayed you never would have taken my hand

He wrote
I'm low, please send for me
But I am broken too
And spoken for
Do not tempt me
And where is the lamb that gave you your name?
He had to leave though I begged him to stay

Begged him to stay in my cold wooden grip
Begged him to stay by the light of this ship
Me fighting him, fighting light, fighting dawn
And the waves came and stole him and took him to war

Laura Marling is brilliant but it's making me cry. Anything emotional is piercing my heart these days. I cannot take it.