deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2022-08-26 10:58:20 (UTC)


This morning Master and i were innocently teasing about me not getting paid to provide pleasure to Him. Of course that's a silly thought and i would never even consider such an idea. After all i exist to bring Him pleasure and i know in my heart that whenever we are together that i do just that.

But then suddenly our playful chatter turned serious and we were talking about Him being able to "rent" me out to others. He would of course retain all control and decision-making. i would merely respect His instructions and offer my services to Whoever He designated to me. The more we talked about it the more aroused we both became at the thought of this. Ten Years together and never has this thought come up.

We even discussed that He alone would manage this process, screen the suitors, explain any rules, and of course collect whatever fee He deemed appropriate. He alone would retain what was collected and i would never see or know just how much i was commanding from them.

The more we talked the more exited i grew at this thought. i would be able to show my commitment to Him by following whatever arrangements He came up with, and it would validate my devotion by following His orders. As we talked He developed a visual bulge in His jeans, and i admittedly grew quite wet with arousement as we discussed the possibilities.

i cannot begin to describe my commitment and devotion to Master. i hope He decides to at least try this so i can see if the actual act of following His orders in this way is as erotic and satisfying as the mere thought of it. i have always professed to be "His whore", but i never actually performed for anyone other than Him. Now after this conversation today i am craving it. Anything to bring Him more pleasure and pride in owning me.

i love You Master.

YOUR whore,


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