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2022-08-25 21:11:22 (UTC)

House Stuff

Dear Diary,
Well about 45 min before our appt got a call, the guy cut himself and had to go get stitches so can we reschedule? Perfect, we were not ready and husband forgot he had PT this am which cut into his work hrs and so it was just better he didnt have to take off for an hour.

Im feeling sorta blah these days, like loss of vision on what Im doing. Its cloudy and I just had a shower and washed my hair so didnt want to get all dirty (I do lots of outdoor stuff) and sweat. Instead I worked in the laundry room, emptied out some things, moved some items that have been there since we moved in as an overflow and put those upstairs. Did some laundry, vacuumed behind things. The room is partially done. Its a large laundry room, we tore off a bathroom addition about a yr ago. It was a poor one and it was built over a back door and window. The window was still there just painted over, Ive removed paint off of half of it (Man its hard to get off!) and the view out that window is one of the best in our home, its of a huge mountain and is gorgeous. Before that room was dark. When we had it demoed, the guy and his son were super cool and saved all the materials(wood, flooring, fixtures, you name it, whatever was good we kept, only thing that really went in the trash was the insulation and the roof, which was super rotted and had a big hole in it! Like there was barely anything holding it up! So it was good we took it down. But we also lost a bathroom. So the laundry being the size it was, we had enough room in the corner to put in the toilet and sink perfectly, the plumber came and did all that job and it worked out perfect. We are just missing an extra walk in shower, but at least we have double sinks and toilets. As one day we need to demo the main bath and will have a back up bathroom. We have a shower in the vacation rental for backup if need be. So the electrician came a few mos back and put in an electrical outlet, sconces and all that in the bathroom portion of it for us, so thats all done now. So what I need to have finished? We have all the beadboard I saved from the old bathroom demo and I have enough to cover the walls midway up. I have some of it roughly cut already, husband and I did it. I have the trim we removed saved also. So I just need some specialty cuts to go around the switch plates, sink, back of toilet, and we will probably just need to figure it out and do it ourselves. And then I need some type of molding for the top trim (ugh I hit a button and lost another paragraph I just typed!)

I was writing about the large hallway, and I cleared and cleaned up some stuff there, I have antique shelves with wavy glass and antique lighting, my fave light is in the hall. I got it on the California Coast.

So its my showcase area, but I have one side Im not happy with and not sure what I want to put there. Either I need to find a tall shelf for display items, or Ive been thinking if I measure one of the church pews I have stored at the homestead, maybe it will fit there. I dont know.

Cleaned up all my makeup stuff and put it in baskets and pyrex glass beakers. I do my makeup in the living room in the picture window, it has a huge window seat and I have a stool in front of it and a victorian shelf that sits on it(was my Moms) and the light hits perfect there for doing makeup.

I have the bench covered in a faux fur type throw blanket and red velvet curtains in that window. Its a huge picture window.

Eventually if we ever do an upstairs bathroom suite I want to set up a full vanity makeup sit down area in there. Has great lighting in their too!

So maybe Ill have to get out the tools, still need a nail gun and but we have some saws already to cut the wood in the laundry, the beadboard and try and get something done so I can finish that area. Finding people around here has been awful and part of why things arent done, Ive exhausted all the leads, had people out, had quotes, had ones say yes they can do the work, and they disappear or ghost me. And there are a FEW locals who CAN do work but suck, crappy quality but the only people who ARE available, have had them out twice (for demo and plumbing) and it was sad to watch and I could have done a better job, so we dont want to call them again. They dont know what they are doing.

I want to tear up our main bathroom tile floor, they are large square ceramic tiles, many of them with cracks across them. Ive gone to the basement and can see a mesh wire screen and the cement or mastic? Whatever was used underneath the tile, but I believe the original hardwood floors are under that, just have no idea the condition of them, would like to see if we can go to that instead. But once I start that job I dont know what I will find, and then the main bath will be tore up and am I in the mood for that? We also want to bust out all the tile around the tub (its an old cast iron one) but they made it built in so it has tile all around it. So we need to knock all that out. Ideally I want to get a walk in tile shower put in this bathroom, I have to think long haul, as we age, like with husbands knee surgery climbing in a cast iron tub to shower wasnt possible, he had to use the vacation rental. But we love the tub and love having a tub! So I am wanting one put in upstairs. If possible. So who knows what will happen. I need to find an antique style sink, I have one I want from Kingston Brass but the prices have gone up so high! Over $600 for it plus shipping! Ugh, no thanks. Sad because I could get them for half that price a yr ago but waited too long. So I keep my eyes open. We do have a pedestal sink in there but I dont care for it, if we are going to redo the bath and live here the rest of our life, I want to do it the way we want it. So a walk in shower with a bench, a new toilet and a new sink are needed. And hopefully use the hardwood floors, if thats a no go, I want to do the classic penny black and white octagon tiles.

Well I better go and start dinner here,,,, didnt get the bean soup made as I took a nap late yesterday, or maybe Ill do the enchiladas instead, I made tacos last night as that was quicker.