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I Hate Middle School
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2022-08-22 22:59:08 (UTC)

1st Day Of School Xb


Soooooooooo... school. Um, it was my first day today! Cool right? No? I agree completely. But either way, I'll be kinda recaping my day (but not my schedule because it's different for the first week) and whatnot so here we go! Oh, btw, monster girl did not end up giving me a monster. She didn't even look at me :,(

MORNING: I woke up, got dressed in the most rainbow outfit I own, took some pictures with Hailey, then walked up to the bus stop with Dylan (the neighbor kid) because he's in middleschool too now.

PRE DAY PRIDE: As soon as we got to school we went to our pride classes. I got Mrs. Miller who is also my science teacher. I lik her a lot. She remembered me being in her pod for math last year and she just seems nice overall. I have this class with Katie (the warrior cats fanfiction girl) and Kat (a girl from memorial and a few of my classes last year). I got sat behind Margie (an old friend) and Gary from memorial as well as some kid with the flippy straight white boy hair. If you search up "front hair flip men" on google, it's the one with the bangs curling up. We did this team building activity where we had to find something we all have in common and write it on a notecard then bend them and stack them as high as possible. Nobbody would talk except for me so we were maybe 3rd or 4th of 6 teams. I also misjudged the straight boy by a lot because he was yelling across the room to his friends so I figured he was outgoing and got into a joke argument with him. Long story short I threatened to bling him with my "rainbowness" and he looked at me like I'm crazy. Great first impressions... Also I'm class champion cup stacker!!! 🎉🏆🥤

1ST CLASS: First I had language arts with Mrs. Carlisle. She seemed pretty cool so far, nothing notably interesting about her but she did say our reads were going to be darker this year so that's cool. While I was exiting that class btw, some dude said he liked my hair. I thought he was sincere so I said a heartfelt "thanks" while some boys were laughing at what I thought was an unrelated joke but Riley told me later that they were making fun of me. I guess that's okay though 'cause he's one of those ugly follower-type kids with the flippy hair. Idek why I try to socialize with any of them, I try not to judge people by their looks but they're just never any fun.

2ND Class: I had Math with Mrs. Novak. She's my least favorite so far since she just had us read a syllabus all class and didn't even introduce herself but she's not mean. Nothing notable happened though.

LUNCH: Next was lunch. I'm at a table with Kiarra, Riley, Olivia, Zach, Noah, Kat, Wyatt, Austin, and some kid whose name I don't remember. He's Wyatt's friend though. Emma was going to sit with us as well but when she found her other friends she packed up her stuff and moved -.- . Vinny's at that table too. It hurt a little that he had other friends that he'd rather sit with but whatever. I think Athenas there so that's probably why. So is Quinn and all of them so whatever. We also tried to get Michael to sit with us but idk why we ever thought that was gunna happen.

3RD CLASS: This was Science. just some basic stuff, nothing interesting there either, although on the second day of school we had this pig personality test. It was pretty innacurate and general but it was fun.

4TH CLASS: My 8th period class or 4th if you're counting the first days classes, is PLTW medical. I'm in no way intrested in becoming a doctor or nurse but I didn't want to do any other encore classes and we get to make ice cream and dissect a sheeps brain in this class so it sounded pretty fun. The teacher's pretty young and we do a lot of labs so it'll be interesting. I'm more excited than I thuoght I'd be.

5TH CLASS: My last class is social studdies. I was iffy about the teacher at first but she's actually really cool. Her name is Mrs. Ballzer so that's intresting lol. Her maiden name is Handsy too. She's very ammused by it. Her first name is Gretchen. It was going to be Samantha (or something like that) but her parents thought Mandy Handy was a bit mean lol.

That was it for my first day soooooo yeah. Buh bye!

~ Gentleman