The Queen

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2022-08-23 22:39:35 (UTC)

My unavailable man 🌊

I can't message you anymore.
16 may and today 26 august.
3 months and more.
I know when it was me, my one sided messages. I used to message that i should bath yet at the end. I'd to do it myself.
I guess once again, i want to say this, yet once again i know I'll have to bath on my own.

How i wish someone would bathe me.

I told her if she cares. And alas! She doesn't. Truly, on earth nobody cares for another.

Not a stranger, not your parent. You are always your own person, when your parents are the cause of your retarded growth. You've to grow and be their for yourself. Because criminal parents like these could never be there for you.

Because they always did things for themselves, for their survival, they use their children for their survival.

I feel pity for every child born, for one doesn't know what level of criminal their parents will be, what hypocrisy they'll use to survive.

I'll go take a 🚿 before they return, so i can eat my part of pizza.

(Don't cry my love, It's, this life is very small, let it be a wound that hurts, it only lasts for a while)