Up All Night
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2022-08-23 04:08:30 (UTC)


Nine months out of 2018 were spent in a mental hospital, in their mental rehab program. After I was discharged an agency helped me get an apartment because I was homeless. I have been living in this apartment for four years. Soon I will be living in the apartment for five years. My apartment is cheap. I'm trying to hang on to it because I can't afford the rent on many apartments. I only have disability and a supplement as my income. My apartment has roaches and mice which I am trying to get rid of. My neighbor came over and sprayed my apartment for me but it is not enough. I am going to use some of my money to buy the roach traps and gels that claim to kill the nest. These bugs are so annoying. For the mice I am using live traps and relocating the mice to the woods. I was laying on my sofa watching movies on Netflix and a mouse ran from the kitchen to the sofa and back. I am not McDonald's for mice and bugs. You are out of luck, mouse.