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2022-08-22 19:31:08 (UTC)

Some Guy's AMA

Personal entry follows.

Another interesting discussion on the gardening forum's "water cooler" thread. A guy started an AMA thread, asking women what they wanted to know about what men are thinking. I'll post the question from the thread, and then post my own answers, right off the cuff. I normally don't share my opinion about these sorts of things, so I daren't post my answers on that forum.

Q: What do you think women (I am an old woman) wonder about?

A: What men out there the real creeps. What does that guy think about when he's jerking off.

Q: Are you really grossed out when women fart around you?

A: Absolutely not. I'm vegan, and I enjoy dating vegetarians and vegans, so I'm sure it happens a lot on both sides. I like keeping the windows open.

Q: With wisdom and age comes sag. Men mostly age better than women. Obviously depends on preference but my question is, do most older men (45 and up) still desire a tight young bod? Is this a desire or a biological urge to keep reproducing? If you had to pick, young hot and mostly dumb or a bit saggy, attractive enough and more wise?

A: I desire my -own- body to be tight and young, but these days I'm not interested in "young, hot" girls. I'd rather not be with girls at all. I want to be with a woman. There's a distinct difference, one typically not measurable in physical appearance.

Q: In general, what do men like in appearance for a woman? Business or professional looking? Tight-fitting jeans, from the song ... Just jeans and t-shirt kind of gal? Blonde or brunette? Long hair or short hair? Make-up or natural looking ... You tell me what you like ...

A: I sincerely doubt there's a "general" answer to this question. However, were I to come up with an answer for this, it would be some kind of composite appearance of Sigourney Weaver from her "Alien" and "Aliens" era and of present-day Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas from the group TLC. She would have the walk and confidence of Romy Schneider in the film "La Piscine," and the classy carriage of Helen Mirren. Wardrobe isn't my department however as long as they want to wear some kind of boots, they can wear whatever else they please and I will enjoy it all. If you have tattoos, so much the better. I also have a thing for women with slightly-crooked teeth.