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2022-08-22 15:40:29 (UTC)

Busy Sunday

I am attempting to rest after my busy Sunday. Constance would not have wished me to sit and mope at home when there were things to be done, and commemorations to attend. I started out the afternoon in Belfast at the hunger strike commemoration and then attended part of the Michael Collins commemoration at The Imperial Hotel in Cork. I saw Marcus Howard’s excellent documentary about the last days of Michael Collins which is available on YouTube now and premiered last night at the hotel. I am absolutely exhausted from all of this marching and flying and going from there to here, but I am satisfied with myself.

As for things here, they are marching on. I put a deposit down on a Doberman puppy last week. I still don’t know how I’m going to afford the puppy, as money is tight, but with help from family I’ll pull it off somehow. Constance always wanted me to have a protection trained Doberman Pinscher and though I’ve had Dobermans in the past, this will be the first one I put through training to police k9 standard. If all goes well, I will have him at the end of October or beginning of November. He will be travelling from America so he will have quite an adventure ahead of him.

Watching American TV on Netflix. Don’t feel like doing more work, but I got plenty done this morning. I still feel her every day. Her presence and her absence.

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