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I Hate Middle School
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2022-08-15 19:23:44 (UTC)

They Dare Say, That I'm Gay???


Idk how but I guess I forgot to put this in my last entry, I dyed my hair rainbow! I keep getting so many compliments on it and I'm so happy with how it came out. Ironically, the only person who seems to have a problem with it is my mom, the one who originally approved of it and paid for it and took me to have it done. I'm pretty open with her about how I don't know if I'm gay or not cause I'm young (cause I don't want to come out to her yet, I just want to let her know I'm not sure). She keeps telling me that since a rainbow is a sign of queerness or whatever, everyone's gunna think I'm lesbian. I told her that I don't really care but she keeps bringing it up.

We're going to my great grandma's garage sale today and my 2nd aunts and all those "you only see for holidays" relatives are gunna be there. According to her they're all closed-minded (which isn't wrong but still-) and they'll be asking me a ton of questions about my hair. She say's they're gunna ask me if I'm gay and they're gunna be all weird about it and how I dress. Speaking of that, she pretty much told me that I'm too out there for them and to tone it down a ton. She told me to "dress normal" and to try not to talk to loud or be obnoxious. I know that's normal and understandable but she specifically said "try not to do that around them" after I made a completely normal joke. Like, okay. She acts like all I do is yell and joke around. It's not my fault! And that's not even true! I know I shouldn't be offended but I can't help it honestly. Whatever.

Update, apparently before I was there my Grandma T showed my great Grandma May a photo of my hair and she said "you know what rainbow stands for right?" and then my Aunt Chris was like "it means she likes color or likes the wizard of oz, it could mean anything?" Thank god for my Aunt Chris standing up for me. Not like I'm not gay and not like being gay is an insult but they're old people so sometimes it is. Aunt Chris is my girllllllllll B)

I'm back once again and I have literally a day 'till school starts! I'm so fucking scared you don't even understand. But, I'm trying not to think about that so I'll write about something more pleasant. Skincare. Okay, maybe not more pleasant but it's better than school. My mom and I went up to target today and got some pore strips as well as made some honey-sugar exfoliator when we got home. Now I just exfoliated, then washed my face, then put on this pore strip thingy, and finally, I put this clay mask on my chin. It is now after I've taken everything off and spoiler alert, IT LITERALLY DID NOTHING!!! I did everything on the package and I'm still all oily and blackhead...y

Welllllll... it's the night before school and holy shit I'm gunna have a panic attack. We lost my old backpack so I'm taking a really old, beat up, and boring bag instead. I'm so scared about what I'm gunna wear and how I'm gunna do my makeup. What if I walk into the wrong classroom or say something weird or AAAAAA! What am I gunna doooooo? HOLY CRAP THERE WAS A SPIDER ON MY SCREEN AND IT'S DARK AND I COULDN'T FIND IT SO I HAD MY DAD COME IN AND IT WAS IN MY BLANKETTTTTT!!!! EWWWWWWWWWW!!! Damn it! I just looked it up and spiders are a sighn of -get this- misfortune. I don't belive in that spiritual shit but this doesn't make me happy whatsoever. I'm going to sleep. Goodnight!

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