Lost for words at times
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2022-08-21 22:48:54 (UTC)

Need to be honest with myself more

I return back to work tomorrow night for my last week. Before having a much needed 14 days off.
I'm annoyed at myself for having to have 2 night's off last week. I just couldn't cope being so ill. I guess l was sicker than l actually thought l was.
I wish l could be more honest with myself about my own mental health issue's. I've tried to hide myself from them for so long, doing thing's that l now regret. I feel like i've lost myself in a whirlwind of windswept dreams. An illusion filling my head with delusion's of what was never ment to be. l feel l am lost to this life's tragedy, to a life and sense of no belonging.

Take care of you, until next time x

Grateful for
Family and friend's
My online friend 'K'πŸ–€

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