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2022-08-21 20:11:10 (UTC)

Made up Rest Wknd

Dear Diary,
Happy Sunday, its a relaxing one over here. The clouds started to move in the last hour, the usual daily clouds move in midday and then we get rain or sprinkles in the eve. Last night we had some super close to the house lightning and thunder, it rattled the glass windows. But it was beautiful and nothing to crazy. Im going to need to mow the lawns soon, its gonna be a jungle, but it keeps raining every day and not much time to dry out to mow. But I should really try and get to it tomm. Will see how damp it is.

So after my posts, we had a dinner planned that eve, went to our dinner, we actually had a talk on the couch earlier about the stuff going on with us and ended up in laughter over something silly but it just broke the ice and released some of the tension between us. Dinner was chill, my plumber I can never reach ended up sitting with his gf a the table right next to us, didnt want to talk plumbing then, but Ill have to track him down outside of this (Its how I get work done, ran into him at the juice place, ran into him picking up cinnamon rolls another time) So Ill have to make an effort to corner him to get him back over here to start. He did half our plumbing so far, we are redoing all of it, its mostly in the basement to work on so that part is cool. But we have no bathroom in the upstairs portion of the old house. I spoke to him about it before and it can be done. But I have some questions about an area to do it. Id at least like to get a sink and toilet up there ASAP, because then you can work up there, sleep up there, and not have to trek down steep old house steps in the middle of the night.. We have 3 bedrooms upstairs, and we have one as a guest room thats never been used, we want to get a new bed for in there also, mattress that is, and sleep up there sometimes ourselves, but would be nice with a bathroom and we can set up a little kitchenette space, you know, tea kettle, mini fridge, to keep some stuff up there. The other rooms Id like to have a work space for me, and the other room of course will turn into a bathroom/sitting room/closet. Id like to just get a tub put up there, no shower, and one that is fiberglass or copper, not too heavy to haul up the stairway. And keep it simple, but then Id like to put my lounge type sofa in that room, and I have a vision for closets that you build when you first enter the room as a division walkway. This room window faces the backyard, and a view of the mountains and tops of the trees, so nice spots to look out while lounging in a tub.

So back to friday, we had our dinner, came home and agreed it was edible night, kick back on the couch, Im reading the book still each day, its been really good so far and much more to go. And we just hung out, and laid together, talking, music, at some point we got into sexual play and I was on my back, laying over him in reverse, face up, and he hiked my legs and abdomen up on his chest and was fingering me, wow was he, when your on edibles all of the things that already feel good, feel even better, sensations are heightened. And wow.

Well all I know is I woke up at 1am and we were both crashed on the couch, and I washed my face, took my progesterone, and told him lets get in bed. We passed back out, Woke up somewhere just before 5am and started to play again and had sex, we must have been at it for 2 hrs or so? He was using the sleeves, started with a smaller one, then moved up to the larger one at my request. We had so much fun together. By the time we were finished we were chatting in bed, husband had sent me a text that eve, around 10pm saying "Your so cute, you fell asleep, I love you darlin" and what happened/??? HA! I passed out while he was fingering me! Literally fell asleep for 4 hrs! I didnt know it was that long, he didnt want to move and wake me so he was trapped with me laying on top of him on the couch, so he had his phone next to him and was on it and sent me that text. I was dying laughing that I passed out. Apologizing I left him high and dry. He said "I took it as a compliment that you were so relaxed from what I was doing, I was massaging you with the way I was touching you. I had not slept well nor had enough sleep the nights prior, and I must have really needed sleep, I fell asleep around 7-8pm he told me! So I was OUT

Saturday we went to some town events, had a good time, walked to a sandwich shop and ate outside people watching, then walked back and thru all the vendor booths for the event, watched a bit of a show, husband got some beef jerky then we walked home. It was hot out so was nice to get back inside and cool down and we hung out and I ended up taking a 2 hr nap! So yeah, I was overdue on some full nights sleep. We had a dinner planned with a farmer in the town about 30 min away at 7, so we headed out, as soon as we got out of town all the clouds were filling the sky and then it poured the rest of the drive, we got to the place and it subsided just enough for us to run inside. It was a nice eve, the place was filled, it was a first time for the farmer and the coffee shop hosted, It was great, food was great, atmosphere, curry dish, naan, rice and homemade cakes and custard and lemonade. We did see another baker we know who I used to buy truffles from all the time, they are so good! She also makes the cinnamon rolls to die for!

Yeah, thats what we need to do eventually, in a small town, food specialty items, baked items are popular. So its always in the back of my mind to do something like that down the road and just specialize in it (cookies or something)

We got back home, and husband said "What do you want to do the rest of the evening?" Seeing as we were both well rested, he took a nap too before dinner. I said "I dunno, what do you have in mind?" He said "Well it involved edibles, sex toys, the couch and less clothing" and I said "Sounds like a plan to me! Can I read before my vision goes blurry?" he said Sure, so I read some more of the book and then I said "I think its time for you to put something dirty on. More Rocco! And I went and put on the black stockings and a white cute dress I have. I came back in and got up on husbands lap. Clothed. Ohmygosh, on friday night we were kissing on the couch, me on his lap and it was when the edibles were first kicking in and it was so good, we kissed so long, hard, deep, it made it really nice. So we were back in that position again, the dress has a low easy to open front and he was playing with my nipples and sucking them while Im on his lap rocking on him and moaning from his play. I love nipple play, its my motor starter and I love it to be involved in all aspects of sexual play. I feel bad sometimes watching porn with how little men play with or touch womens breasts. At least for me, its directly stimulation my pussy that touch, and it also makes it easier to do more, like it softens feelings and buffers rough stuff if hes sucking on my nipples, then pinching and side smacking them, yeah that gets me hot, I didnt think I liked that, then I stopped, then I missed it, and I had to just get over it and accept that I like it and stop trying to feel bad about it, it gets me hot and he knows it.

I have no idea how much time passed, but it went from him using the Bumble Hooves toy and driving me crazy and wild, man that thing hits perfectly to the back of my cervix and the sensation is incredible. And somewhere we got to him fingering me again and IM on top of him like the night before. Then we turned sideways and he entered me from behind and we fucked spooning, And he ended up cumming at that point on my thigh and side of my body, which is hot, I like when he cums and after what happened the day or so prior, I didnt want that weird shit, I wasnt mad, we had been at it for sometime, and he had given me multiple orgasms already and I was still going, I knew my G spot was so sensitive as I felt I can keep going and going, thats a thing I read with the G spot, it can stay sensitive engorged like that for about 15 min which is why I can keep going as it feels so damn good. He literally said "Babe, I got nothing, you took it all out of me" and I was laying next to him, it was late, I grabbed the toy and kept going next to him and he passed out leaning on me, and it was cute actually, like his turn to pass out on me. And I just kept vibrating myself, I ended up cumming and that woke him up and hes all "Mmhmmm" we both passed out together on the couch, woke up at 4am, and then I went to wash off my makeup and got in bed. We slept till about 9am, ah heavenly sleep.

And here we are, hes been on the phone with a friend, Ive showered, had something to eat, paid a medical bill, trying to figure out a tax form, etc. I was outside a bit picking up and pulling some rogue trees sprouting up here and there, moved one of the cars in the driveway as I see rain is coming. Actually it is raining now as I type.

So yeah, we have leftovers from Friday nights dinner we will eat today. ANd maybe some lamb and Taziki later, mmmm! Got it at Costco.

So I got the bill for the electricity on the homestead, wow, pricey! But they had to dig a big long trench, and the utility co said I had to use a larger guage so I will have more power then anticipated, and I have power to the building and an RV Hookup was put in. We dont have one, but he suggested it since its on land and homesteading and 2 of my siblings do have RVs so they could go stay also and visit. And eventually we hope to have one also. I just want a small Roadtrek or something eventually.

So have to get a check in the mail to the guy, And Now I can plan my trip, so ideally beginning of Sept is my goal per the weather, I dont want to go when its hot and humid. So Ill keep an eye out, Also Id like to go after my period and not worry about that there as I dont have running water/bathroom. I want to set up a type of outhouse, I already have a toilet, and a small pop up tent to make a bathroom. I can rough it and deal with that, so I can stay on the property, I already have big jugs of water to take with a pump on them to use for cleaning, cooking, etc. I need to take a bed frame, window AC, fridge, hot plate, hand tools for cutting wood. I really need to buy one of those electric nail gun things, we can use it at home but there also as Im planning to finish the walls inside myself with beadboard. Its not finished inside, just the studs and electrical. So that is my goal, to get started on that stuff, go buy the supplies needed and start that, also some insulation, but I can do all that on my own. It does have a film of this plastic insulation already but not sure how good that is overall, plus the insulation will help to deaden sound. I need to hit some thrift stores or something and check facebook as I want a counter space to make my kitchen area. So Id like to find something to repurpose to start the kitchen half. So if I can find an old counter with a top on it, thats small, would be ideal, but will see what I come across! I figure Ill get a hotel a night or 2 mixed in so I can shower, but my neighbors would probably let me shower if I asked them, but I dont want to impose, if they offer I may take them up on that. Which is why it will be cool with an RV. I will have a shower and toilet in there and just plug in, there are camp grounds out there I can empty and refill tanks. So that would work. Im only planning to go there twice a yr, for maybe 2 wks max. So Im not pursuing plumbing. It gets super cold, freezing winters, dont want to worry about pipes freezing and all that. Im not there enough to pay for that expense, I already bought the tiny house structure and had it delivered and paid for the electricity to be brought into the property. Thats major since it hasnt had that since the 60s! I have an address now for the spot too, a gate put in, had a bunhc of trees cleared out after I was gone so Ill see how that looks when I return, had them remove some huge dead trees and clean up and will hire them for more work after I take a look at the job and see if Im happy with the quality of the work they did. We had one big huge dead Elm tree, that was dead and over the chicken coop building which is intact and a good size, but if it fell it would crush it, so the guys took that one down.

There was a house out near us we looked at about a month ago for sale? Cute one! With a cool old building included, but the price is higher then we want to pay, so we discussed offering $50,000 less. But never went forward to put in an offer, the market is starting to go down, my husband says "Its normalizing as its so over inflated" so he doesnt think this will be a big bust like in the past with the housing market, but Ive seen some houses recent with some insane prices go up near us, and they are sitting, when everything was selling like hotcakes before. Well that little house, they dropped the price about $15,000, so it hasnt sold yet, and man we will need to talk it over again, we can always make the offer of how much we are willing to pay. The house itself is adorable, 3 bedroom 1 bath, old house but totally fixed up, move in ready and we could make it another vacation rental. Or I said even rent out rooms in it. I can furnish it, we have a lot of workers around here that need affordable housing so thats why I think renting the rooms is an option also. Ill put my own furniture in it so not the heavy wear and tear from others, so it would be more of a furnished place, otherwise a vacation rental. BUT it comes with a cool old business building, thats what interests me, its historic and cool, and that is a whole other building that could make another rental or business or rent it or something. It already has power to it. No water, but Im sure that can be done easily. So I think Ill chat it over with husband again today. I know the market is going down, so he doesnt want to overpay on anything, so if we came in with a lower offer but cash and quick close, they might be motivated, the sellers are out of state also, so they might be motivated, so we shall see.

The estate/will guy called, and we have an appt thurs to go over the first draft, we are doing it on Zoom this time.

And my youngest son, who has issues with drug abuse, and had been abusive with texts lately as to which I dont reply (by the way his last one said "This will be the last time you hear from me")

Well now he is saying he has Parkinsons, we arent sure if thats true, hard to tell, he said this is from the VA (he was in the army) he has been having joint pain and jerking in his sleep. Said they have him in these leg type restraints or things for his arms. Anyways, lots more said, I was sympathetic and answered, said I loved him, he was telling me has to change his diet, gave up smoking, and all this stuff, I dont think he remembers his last texts to me and how mean they were. But my husband read it and said "We will see about all this" which I know what he means, we have no idea if any of this is true really. Appears his gf is still with him though. I honestly think my son has experimented with so many drugs and alcohol for yrs and has sexual abuse and other abuse trauma and I think thats where everything stems from, but what can you do? You cant make someone get help if they dont know they have a problem nor do they want to admit it.

I sent him a link for a type of therapy in his area I found online, he didnt respond after that.

Well gonna call it quits for now, later