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2022-08-20 03:46:41 (UTC)

Plans for the Weekend

It's day two of being without social media, and I'm going through withdrawal. I've been tossing and turning since 1 AM until it was time to go to the gym at 3:40 AM. It's an unholy hour to be up at, but it's the only bearable time because everyone in Las Vegas goes to the gym after work at 5:00 PM. Now I'm lying in bed and can no longer scroll away on TikTok or Instagram.

Dakota and I went to dinner with Doc and his wife tonight. We haven't gone out to eat together in a while, and it was nice having a final hoorah. I stayed occupied at work, so it was easy to keep off my phone. Now that the weekend is rolling around, it'll be a different story. I decided to give myself a spa day tomorrow. I'll get a massage and a facial, and on Sunday, I have a mani-pedi to look forward to. Then what? I have a handful of unfinished errands to do, and maybe I will try out a new recipe, pick up a book, or go out on a new trail.