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2022-08-19 18:52:00 (UTC)


Oh my GOSH thank you. Been stuck on this crap for MONTHS. Seeing that a boy is getting SA’ed is the LAST STRAW. A CHILD?? FOR REAL???? Bro. First episode it was nearly a teen girl (she got kissed without consent anyway. Sigh) Now this. I can’t. Now this reddit comment has finally freed me from this show of torment.

For those of you wondering what my liberator said:

"Don't expect anything better from Gantz. The arcs change and shit really escalates but the story gets a little dishelved at one point and you'll get annoyed by the MASSIVE plot holes.

If you enjoy extremely graphic violence and the art, keep reading. It'll be over soon enough. {Im not a gore fanatic, let that be known}

There is also some pretty terrible shit that happens to both men and women, so if you're finding it difficult to read now, I recommend just dropping it and picking up something else."

rape just isnt something i can tolerate fr, makes me sad and for them to put a child in that place literally episodes after a teen girl was is just too much for me, yall can have that (gag)
and like, after seeing all that and CONSTANT TITTY AND BUTT SHOTS, i know i will not be visiting the manga thank you very much, you can have this nasty comedy

I really hate something about the formatting of tis diary.
So many entries on the same day. I wish I'd just compile them all into the same day, maybe add the time at certain parts to differentiate.
But there's also the way that separating them is like separating thoughts because they have different vibes, built up by different emotions I was feeling at the time, different external stimuli or reasons for writing.
But looking at the lack of order, it's disturbing.

some ppl rly know big words.
some ppl can rly sing.
some ppl

i want my life to be witnessed by eyes not biased. i dont even want to be told im real or that any of things ive experienced were real, was i even there. i just want someone to see ME and remember ME. not a me that is surrounded by loud, familiar, established family. not a me drowned out by the cacophony of a classroom. just me, who sits in my bedroom coloring things and watching tv.
it may not be anything special, but its me, i have nothing more special. this body is not included in me.

i be dramatic.
but i also be real.