no name
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2022-08-19 18:24:44 (UTC)


A is for acting pitiful to get what you want. Sometimes it works.
I is for I don’t want anything to do with anyone younger than me for the next few days.
T is for things that I would rather sleep through.
Dub for is for animes that I fudging hate but have to complete because I started it.

H is for Higurashi, a playthrough that may never be finished. 💯

COULD THE WALLS GET ANY THINNER. CANT WAIT TO SWITCH ROOMS SO I CAN FEEL LIKE IM IN A SOUNDPROOF CUBE OF LONELINESS rather than a somewhat cold, bright but somehow still gloomy, messy cube of loneliness.

I am not lonely by the way, I’m just sad (I am not sad, I just happen to not be happy) and coincidentally alone. I could feel like this surrounded by family (I don’t want anything to do with any of them rn) and it would be worse at school since I’d feel intensely alone rather than just literally alone.

I don’t go outside.