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I Hate Middle School
2022-08-15 19:23:44 (UTC)

Orientation Xb


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANAAAWAAAOAAASJAAHAEIUBFENDKENDEH!!! I have school in a weeeeeeeek! Goddamnit! Sorry if this is a sharp transition but I coulnd't think of a way to accurately transition lol. Tomorrow we have the school orientation (where we go get our schedules, find our classrooms/lockers, and meet our teachers) and I guess we're taking Vinny. He texted me earlier asking and my mom was just like yep, sure, so I guess that's happening now. Not that that's a bad thing. Sorry, I feel like this entry has no flow whatsoever. Both yesterday and today my "flow" has been off if you know what I mean. I wonder who my teachers'll be though. According to one of the old 8th graders (Anthony from excel) he didn't really like his teachers. So I guess that's lovely. I have high hopes though. I'm practically praying that I have classes with at least one of my good friends though. It's practically torture to know absolutely nobody

Haaaaaaaaa... TnT It's the next day now and I am in literally nobody's class. And by no one I mean NO ONE. None of my best friends, none of my normal friends, no acquaintances, just a mutual friend named Ruby and some girl who I might know that might know me??? It's a funny story actually. We made eye contact while looking into one of our classrooms and she said something like "I feel like I know you from somewhere but I'm not sure" I agreed and said, "yeah, you look familiar but I don't know where from..." And then we talked about our teachers for a while and now she's bringing me a monster energy drink on the first day of school. I have little to no clue who this person is, I didn't even get their name, but they seem pretty cool. I've had energy drinks on occasion before but not monster specifically, (caffeine doesn't affect me much due to my adhd and genetics but I still only drink half a can at a time so don't spam me like "don't do that, you're gunna get an irregular heartbeat" or "that's a lot of sugar" because I drink only zero sugar ones) I like the sour patch kids ghost energy drinks personally. As I stated before, I could drink 8 cups of coffee and still just want to go to sleep so it's all about the taste for me. I googled the taste of white monster energy and it said it tasted like citrus or a white gummy bear so I'm pretty excited to try it.

It's been a day again and I'm... I don't really know. I haven't been sad today but I haven't really done anything other than draw either. Right now I'm sitting on my bed with two taped-together garbage bags under me and my guinea pig. I love her 'cause she's not boring and uninterested but she's also not running around crazy or trying to throw herself off the edge of my bed lol. She just kinda sits there in her little peanut little position just looking around and occasionally walking a few inches or grooming herself. She really is just an angel. Everything about her makes me so happy :)))

Again though, about school... Idk what to dooooooo! I'm kinda scared about that monster girl. She intimidates me lol. Although in a weird way I kinda like to hang out with people who intimidate me. Don't take this the wrong way but it's kinda hot- Okay, I don't know what way I want you to take that if I'm being honest. I like scary confident and outgoing people like Quinn or Zeke or that monster girl now ig. Not saying that I like-like them, just that I do find them attractive lol. I think in the long term though I couldn't date someone like that, they'd scare me too much lol. I'd be too afraid to communicate! God, I practically took up this entire entry just being in a gay panic. What the hell is wrong with me?

It's a day later, again lol. We went to the mall and got clothes then Hailey got her hair cut and dyed. She got red strands all over, it's SUPER cute! My clothes though~~~ I got this nice off-white and brown hello kitty shirt along with an off-white skirt to go with it. I got a pink hello kitty shirt and some mom jeans too, I need to cut the shirt though, it's almost down to my knees. I got another pair of pants, and an acceptably long Rick and Morty shirt. I got the cutest hello kitty sweatshirt and finally, my favorite of the bunch, a hot pink pair of checkered bell bottoms!!! Can you tell that forever 21 had a hello kitty partnership? Nahhhh I'm kidding, of course they did lol.

Today was also Hailey's elementary school orientation. Since yesterday she's been begging me not to go because "we both have our hair dyed" and it was to the point where she was yelling at my mom and insisting that I don't go. I think maybe she's embarrassed by my hair or something tbh. It's like she took all the "eww family" teenage angst expected of me and just absorbed it. So, being the good sister that I am, I totally went against her will. I went with Jaylan too. We walked there and she was less crabby than expected but she also said that I had to stay at least 6 feet behind her and act all like we don't know each other so that was odd. Me and Jaylan just ended up walking around by ourselves most of the time. It was kinda depressing seeing my old-old school. None of my teachers except for Mr. Gonda remembered me and even he lost all his excitement. It's not like I blame them, the last time I saw any of them was at least six years ago and they have tons of students to keep track of but I just can't believe- I can't believe it's been that long. I think I'd rather them just fake their excitement than just honestly not care but I guess that's a bit rude to ask that of them, Idk. Long story short we ended up in the same room as Hailey and John and Colton and we all played at the playground together after the open house.

I feel like I had something important to say but completely forgot what it was so ummmm, idk. Oh, my dad, Jaylan, and I watched the Toby McGuire spider man movies today! Or at least the first two. When we first went into them I'll admit I was pretttttttty against them. I made fun of them and said that Tom Holland was better but now that I've watched them again, I think the Toby Mcguire movies are pretty good. I've also learned that Jaylan also likes DRAMAAAAA and that MJ is kinda sorta really a player and a bitch. I think the best spider man movie would be the Toby McGuire movies but with Tom Holland playing spider man, Zendaya playing the Toby McGuire MJ but less being a player, whoever writes Toms jokes doing what they do best, and the villans getting wayyyyyy more character development and depth in general. I'd kill to see that! Maybe sprinkle in some actual drama and if you have time, EVEN MORE DRAMAAA! But yeah, this entry's getting long so goodnight!

~ Gentleman