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2022-08-19 00:48:06 (UTC)

My Biggest Fear

Tomorrow is my last day working with my Doctor, with whom I have been working for the past three years. We're a great team, but all great things must come to an end. I have to work half-days three days and ten-hour shifts on the two other days to finish my prerequisites for nursing school. I'm taking biology and chemistry during the fall, and classes start next week. I have to make this count because I'm losing money by cutting back on my hours. Luckily, I recently got a promotion, so I pray the raise will compensate for my missing hours.

Some people are afraid of spiders. I'm petrified of failing, and chemistry is my biggest fear. I tried to take it twice in High School but chickened out and dropped the classes for electives. The first teacher had the ego of a neurosurgeon, and he thought he was a God. This 5ft 3'' man thought he was better than everybody; he was so 'important' he even had a picture frame from when he met the governor. He made sure to remind everyone about his connections with politicians at least once a week. The second teacher picked on me to answer a question and laughed whenever I or anybody else gave the wrong answer. I felt small and stupid like I would never be able to learn this foreign language. So I quit, and it didn't matter then because I was going to be a cop.

Now that I am majoring in nursing, I have no choice but to face my phobia head-on. I heard exposure to your phobia would help you get rid of it, right? I have to study the material like no tomorrow, no matter how much I despise it. I need to make this count, so much so I even deleted all of my social media apps. No more Instagram, TikTok, FaceBook, or even Reddit. Chemistry and biology will have my undivided attention for the next four months. I can't be a quitter anymore.