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2022-08-18 17:40:55 (UTC)


Therpist confirmed advice.
if it wont matter in 5 years, it doesnt matter in the present.

thoughts that you make up about people thinking negatively about you dont matter and arent real. stop hallucinating. live in the present and finish your homework then go home and watch some funny animal videos featuring cute pets and hot owners ^_^

no im being fr like stop hallucinating yourself into a state of negativity surrounding other people. youre the only one freaking out and thinking about unreal things. literally daydreaming stuff. just focus on ya task and bounce homie. ur good. prioritize you first,, everyone else can come fourth.
family 2nd.
God first first, my bad
uhh everything else 3rd
pepole 4th bc i get too heated over nothing when it comes to things