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2022-08-18 14:32:04 (UTC)

Urban rescue ranch

Strength is attractive.
But he is lurking and stalking when you least expect it 🔅🫦🔅

The switch up is apparent. URR does that to you.

Man handles reptile, small mammals, and farm animals?? 😩woww
And he can handle construction tools with a half broken hand? 🥰🤳signing myself over

Idk something abt shows of strength to yknow?

UGH😫 AND HE CAN USE A BOW AND ARROW EFFECTIVELY?!)&)&🥺I wish he’d urban rescue me🤧 AUGHH

also. The jojo thing. Like yes I know that dontai didn’t have a fair chance since he didn’t get the other perspective. But they’re both quick learners (i love that). And the way JOJo picked up on the way those two puzzles worked when even I really didn’t get it (I figured the second one out just before he did in the vid) 😷somethin abt that. I guess show of smarts is attractive too.
Oh you can figure out puzzles faster than me?🤤😵‍💫

I do worry for uncle bens hands.😬 bro gets bit in videos so often. And the scars barely seem to fade before another bite or scratch replaces it. It’s scary but bro has literally no fear for this crap. Guess he knows what venomous and what isn’t anyway.