no name
2022-08-17 16:28:45 (UTC)

TW: R*pe/SA

It’s the way Chinese webnovels and manhua just straight up use rape to get rid of mc opponents. Like. Nonchalantly. It’s crAzy. Even the translators don’t point it out.

Yes they’ll frame as someone using ‘aphrodisiacs’ (sex pollen, arousal drug, whatever) to get them in those situations but it doesn’t change the fact that they made an unwilling person have sex with someone. Someone they don’t like at that.

It’ll be used by villains on other people. Or attempted. Or even used by corrupted female leads to get rid of characters by ruining them completely. It’s crazy that they don’t tell it how it is. It’s rape. They get another people to be incapacitated by drugs and let them get f***** and discovered in the act.

And boom, their whole reputation is done.

And that’s why this one scene makes me especially uncomfortable. I mean I guess we don’t fw with the male and female leads but it’s a rly gross thing for one of them to do.
FL rly has to be a terrible person for her to actually sexually assault a clearly unwilling male lead to steal some qi/power through sex. But with the way robbery is clearly a casual thing ppl do in this world, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.