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2022-08-17 08:44:30 (UTC)

Old house, nostalgic

Yesterday we came at our old house, were I and my sister spent most of our childhood. A small town but crowded now, compact roads, small lanes, many tiny buildings and unplanned housings. our house is more than 35 yrs old, a 4 four storeyed building, ours is in the ground floor, 1 bedroom hall and kitchen, well painted walls, renovated washroom, but old window panes very old style, old designed yellow, green and blue floors, again old style doors, small kitchen, we have a fridge in the living room we don't have space in the kitchen, but kitchen has a washing machine earlier people did not know about dry area. they would just dump appliances where ever they wanted. Our bedroom is so small that it has one 1 master bed and an old dainty metal cupboard. We have a TV, 2 diwans, and old style wooden cabinet. Old fashioned, quaint small but our own. So many childhood memories. and that vibe of ownness. But comfort? We live better lives now so comfort is where we have to compro. no smart TVs, no loungy sofa,