Evolving marriage
2022-08-16 21:33:26 (UTC)

In a pod

Dear diary,
This will be a short entry as I'm on my cell phone at hyperbaric therapy. Hate typing on the phone.

We have had a whole day out together in the big city. Husband had follow Dr appt on his knee, he's healing great. We also meet with an estate attny. We are setting up our will and trust. We got the initial back rolling, said it can take about 2-3 wks. We can do zoom for next appt but then when he found out where we live, he said his wife loves it there, and we love the same restaurant and he said he could come out and finish with us and take us to dinner. So yeah we don't pay a dime till he's done either and it's a flat rate. Thing I notice in other states, a lot more trust doing business and people not wanting $ up front.

We had In n Out for lunch, hit Costco and Nat grocers , more the therapy and then to grab dinner and heat home. Hopefully we don't get caught in a crazy rain storm on the way back.

I love him, as we walked into the estate planning building I said "Are you ready to play grownups?" I don't feel my age, and just 20 yrs ago when we met he was renting a room and we were both broke. And here we are today and he's a manager with a successful career, we lived in 3 states and we are debt free. We live in a place we love and life is pretty peaceful overall these days.

I called my gf, she recently moved from the beaches of CA to Idaho. She asked about what we have been up too and how was Vegas?

I said to husband I laugh inside because I can't say the reality, we don't talk that way. Husband said "Gettin high and fucking all wknd what do you expect? It's Vegas!" And it's true, we are camped out at home these days having a lot of sex and just being together.

There was a question of "How many orgasms do you have a yr?" In a forum and when I did the math and Saw the responses and I look back at our life over the past yrs, I was averaging about 26 minimum and noticed how abysmal that was and really made me realize why I was so unfulfilled in my life intimately with my husband. I'm seriously looking back at myself wondering how on earth I didn't cheat. I was just surviving, getting by but missing out on this great intimacy you share with your partner sexually.

We are close to finishing Esther Perels book Anatomy of an Affair, it's really good! We are listening to the audio book when we drive. Must read for married folks! Cheating, not cheating, temped, so so good

I pray things stay like this for us as long as possible. Or some degree of this, but not ever like it was, please Lord no.

Can I just say how relaxing the hyperbaric therapy is? I typically fall asleep and can feel myself getting there. I feel so Zen when it's over, really good feeling when done.

Husband is in the waiting area, they could only get one of us in, but he did go on Saturday himself.