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2022-08-15 17:48:36 (UTC)

Back at it Again

Lately, I've been watching a podcast called Anything Goes, hosted by Emma Chamberlain. I loved watching her YouTube videos from before she moved to Los Angeles, once she was in LA she quickly rose to fame. I stopped watching her content after 2017 but stumbling across her podcast made me a fan again.

She talks about how journaling is a beautiful hobby and how she journals on a daily basis. I began journaling when I was in the first grade, but after my best attempts in hiding my composition notebooks, my grandma would always find them. I threw away my notebooks due to cringing and feeling embarrassed after re-reading them. Then, I moved on to this online diary when I was a teenager, and it was perfect because my grandma didn't know how to work a computer. When I turned 18, I had this absurd belief that adults should NOT have diaries. I also couldn't write while I dealt with ovarian cancer because for the first time, it felt too personal. Cancer and chemotherapy changed me, and I occasionally wrote a few entries after I was in remission but journaling was never the same for me.

Journaling or having a diary (whatever you want to call it) isn't childish. It allows my future self to look back at the past and reflect. Writing is a time capsule because it documents life as it is happening. It's not tampered with, my emotions are raw, and it shows how I view life events in the present tense. Looking back at the past is different, and we might even create false memories. I want to go back to my roots and begin journaling again. I will be sharing my thoughts on life in Las Vegas, my nursing career, and daily shenanigans.

Stay tuned.