Gone mental

Notes from my Black
2022-08-14 12:12:37 (UTC)

22 random morning thoughts

-I’m not in love, lust or anything.
-If I have sex again, I kinda want to get hurt a little.
-I cheated at Wordle today. I used a different app to see if my guess was right. It gave me the first letter.
-My daughter moved to her own apartment yesterday. It was 106.
-her room is incredibly messy. I’d post a photo, but I don’t want to dig shame her.
-my body hurts.
-When reading to my son last night, she put a heating pad on my back.
-I kinda want to get high.
-I need a haircut and a manscaping…
-I feel out of my element running a business.
-one of my sisters didn’t back my Kickstarter campaign and I’m a little butt hurt by it.
-my longest friend didn’t back it either. In fact none of my closer friends did… and one of their wives is a teacher. That kinda hurt too.
-I don’t know if I can get to 22, I’m falling asleep again.
I haven’t had a really good pillow for 25 years. I miss my grandmas old pillow she gave me.
-I have too many t-shirts.
-I don’t wear clothes with logos or printing as a general rule.
-I bought a t-shirt press…
-I miss my best friend. I worry about her.
-if I climb stairs today, my legs my fall off.
-I’m going to miss my daughter. She is at that stage in life she probably won’t be coming home very often.
-now I can redo the other bathroom. 5k or less…
-I still want to leave this state.
-I have a friend who is a Republican and I don’t have any idea why.
-I made a cabinet this week for a cat box. It’s really nice. (For my daughter). I’m 92% happy with it. It will last many years and many moves.
-when she gets loving, I pull away. I can’t help it. I wish she’d just masterbate.
-I spent a lot of time making a bird feeder station this past spring, then the bird flu hit and I stopped feeding them.
-the bird seed I got at aldi is still there. Obviously it’s garbage. Not even the squirrels want it.
-sometimes I wonder it I have dementia.
-I don’t like going to the doctor.
-I miss camping/ hiking and exploring.
-my truck has two rust spots over the wheel wells. I may try and fix it myself. I have the tools… except a paint sprayer. It has to be cheaper than the 2k they quoted me.
-I learned to do basic car mechanics in college. I was broke and I blew out the shocks and wore out the brake pads.
-I think people are waking up… I kinda hope not.
-my feet hurt.
-She bought 4 melons. I’m the only one here (not the my daughter is gone) that can eat them. She planned on me having time to cut them up for the trip, but it seems excessive. I didn’t have time. They are on the floor of the kitchen.
-3 trees died this summer.
-I kinda want a tiny house. I think I could live in one. As long as I had a large workshop otherwise.
-I can’t believe I didn’t shower last night. I’m definitely washing my sheets. I feel low key gross.
-yesterday I smelled a strong bo smell. I checked me… it wasn’t me. It was a box. A box for transporting food that her mom bought. I’m totally not using it, yuck.
-This is more than 22. I got on a roll. Bonus plan… or completely not depending on your perspective.
-I passed a cop late last night. I was speeding… only by 3 at the time. He’d have had to be a real a hole to pull my over. Yesterday I passed a few others going 15 over. This state has those wire medians. Now everyone speeds. I was not the fastest.
-I’m awake now… I guess I’ll do something. No one else is awake, so I’m just going to play on my phone.
-lonely is.