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2022-08-13 07:00:54 (UTC)

prolly mildly dehydrated

for some reason, i can't play a lot of games, or watch a lot of shows at once, or even watch a lot of channels videos consistently without feeling overwhelmed by the options and feeling like i HAVE to prioritize all of them as much as possible, making it more of a task/chore than hobby or entertainment. and i'm not one to properly manage schedules (made and poorly enforced by me) to cycle through all the things i wanna do so i leave it alone and try powering through instead.

i just sometimes dont wanna do anything. just daily phases though. its cool, everything temporary and i got lots of time for these things. sometimes wish i had somebody to do it with but maybe being alone is for the best since i wont feel compelled to change the way i do things for someone else, resutling in me being even more indecisive or nervous about what i do.

im growing and my ways are cementing. no need to put somebody else's needs over my own if it isn't important.
what am i even talking abt...hypothetical scenarios bruhh
for some reason theres a pole outside glowing, the fault of the morning suns gleam ig

i want some tea.
i need to drink more water.
for every cup of tea????