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2022-08-12 05:03:55 (UTC)

Swimming & update

Oh.. how much I love swimming. I can't believe I am able to swim in deep water in less than a month of course I need to improve my stamina. My only fear is how do I stay afloat if I dash someone in the pool as their are many people there. I tried to google but I need to practice. Ah... and swimming so so fun why I did not do that before. Oh well I had my reasons. Life is going good... wow... I miss Yubu... my form status hasn't changed yet.
I have a long weekend so am going to mom's place. I feel so good among my niece I feel so own. so excited ill go to sis and mom place will spend good time there.... yuhuuoo.. Ill be like a spoilt brat with them and no work for 3 days yuhoooo... am planning for a hair cut, ill make nails for Ganpati, also, ill stitch blouse for my saree and dress which i received as a gift. yuipieee sooo excited.