Evolving marriage
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2022-08-12 06:14:39 (UTC)

Late Nite No Nookie

Dear Diary,
Today was a better day, didnt have the same ick blah feeling. I joined another site and so far seems much much better and already recruited 2 of the guys over there.

I was on a lot talking to a guy today and answering lots of posts, been getting messages thanking for my feedback, that Im encouraging and Im so open and how nice it is to talk to someone open.

We made hamburgers, but we mashed pork rinds and mixed it in with the beef, mmm was good! With a slice of Pepperjack cheese and Avocado. Have to get back more into our Keto diet. Had a smoothee today with berries, Kale, Kefit, chia, hemp, cinnamon and peanut butter.

We have a date night out for dinner tomm eve to our fave place. Husband is leaving for the range again on Sat and should be a full day again to myself at home. Hes scheduled vehicle service, hyperbaric, getting groceries, and bringing us home dinner, which we typically do when either of us runs to the big city since we have much more variety of take out foods to bring home.

We did have half an edible tonight, even though they are small and bite sized, a full one does hit me good into half the next day, so if I do a half Im typically back to normal in the am, dont want to feel dopey or anything.

We watched "The Little Death" again, its a hilarious movie, MUST SEE! Its about all these couples and sex, kinks, the dynamics of relationships. Go watch it! Tell me what you thought!!! Role play scenes are hilarious!!!! Its not porn its out of Australia

Husband was busy watching old Love Connection episodes on Youtube, I was feeling frisky, oh we did naked facia blasting of our asses and back of thighs, traded turns, it helps break up the tissue and smooth it out, what looks like cellulite, there is this method calling crayoning and poke/wiggle to break up the bands of fascia, he had them all along the back of his thighs, so you use those methods, its like hitting pressure points.

He told me that I have a nice ass as he was doing my end. I figured this would be a good night time routine and he said hes all on board, Its hard for me to do my backside, and Ive seen other wives share their husbands do this area for them. Was hoping it would turn into some fun times, but it didnt, he crawled in bed and said he was tired and would snuggle the shit out of me and in a few min he was out. Oh well! Im on the couch, didnt masturbate today, I often do in the am, but not today! Thought maybe we have sex or something tonight, but naw. Maybe tomm? Or on the wknd. What will I do with my time sat when hes gone all day?? Well I think I need to through my lingerie and pick some out and put together some outfits for some future play. Some more roleplay or something. I ordered a candle that when it melts its oil you can put on the body also, will come next wk.

Well lets see what other trouble I can get into late at night