Lost for words at times
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2022-08-12 04:04:45 (UTC)

I can't sleep 😴

Great, l can't sleep. l woke up after having a bad dream or was it?

Just of late i'm so emotionally spent. I don't actually know what l want anymore. I think l need to accept that certain thing's have happened for a reason. I know what l don't want.. l don't want my life to go backwards on that same rigmarole of where l was before. I feel like that i'm missing something, my own intuition is at a loss for some strange reason.

We all want to know why something ended the way it did or how someone could end up hurting us so badly without having any concern about how it negatively impacted us.
We believe that we deserve the right to these answers. We want some level of understanding. The painful truth is, we don’t always get that closure we think we ought to have. Not everyone will explain why they did something or even apologize when they are at fault. And I know first hand that this reality hurts alot. Like someone pouring salt in an open wound. Not getting solid answers and having to move on with life without closure is no fun, but it’s something many of us have to do at one point or another. Maybe i'm lacking acceptance with my own choice's i've made.

I guess i'm grateful for the time that i've shared with a person and still deeply care about them, now l need to move on and stop loving them the way l once did.

The moon appear's huge tonight, maybe that's impacting my train of thought that should be allowing my rational thinking🤔🙄🤣

Until next time, take care of you x

Grateful for
Family and friend's
My online friend 'K'🖤 you always make me smile. Thank you