no name
2022-08-10 21:34:48 (UTC)

50 shades freed

I'd so let tyler do that.
they also absolutely know what they were doing by showing vein-y forearm for so long in frame.
I'd let him ogle. and more bruh who do you think he is??
i wish they would break up tbh. also rly like the "" sometimes. only sometimes, at every other moment its unnecessary and terribly annoying.
the leg contraption?? kinda cool but im not one to be okay with discomfort without warninggg...would absolutely let tyler though, or the other security man.
its aways the security guards who are...

theyre so. NGHGHHH. his voice bro omg. like thats an mc voice a great mL voice. why christian grey and not tyler the security guard?

bro there are hot men all around, but most (read: all) of them are white.
and more attractive than Grey, straight up.

so condescending but i get the reason
although at the same time, who cares about that dude? she does, thats who..
sigh. ads.

they're such horndogs its disgusting wth
actual animals, its grotesque to see

HES SO HOT. GUH. and annoying but thats her own fault for mixing in with a man who would try to put so much control over her.
though it turns out it wouldve been better for her to have stayed out.
this new dudes a snitch lol, but its a no bull kinda air abt him since he just said it anyway. blunt.

i hate looking at ppls bodies. so annoyingly uncomfortable.
i have a feeling he's gonna snap on her.
also, such horndogs. the fact that sex is the way they spend their time together the most. ugh.