Lost for words at times
2022-08-10 17:27:43 (UTC)

Bumble Bee🐝

Normally when l wake up and being we have extreme hot weather here in the UK. l normally go into my back garden with a mug of tea and sit in the shade, to help my tired body wake up from the lack of sleep between my night shift's.
I have become accustomed to watching the bumble bee's foraging the pollen from my lavender plant's. Their tiny fuzzy black and yellow bodies with their wing's flapping. Fluttering from plant to plant. Coating there little bodies with pollen to take back to their colony.
At time's there can be atleast up to 20 of them out there. Not once have they troubled me even when i'm sat only a few inches away from the lavender.
Today, l watched a bumble bee clumsily take flight after collecting a body full of pollen, buzz about abit then drop to the floor right infront of me. I sat in shock what was l supposed to do? With tears in my eyes from what l witnessed, I got a pine needle that had fallen from the tree behind my house and gentley poked it's apparent lifeless body, nothing.
This poor little fuzzy creature had done it's duty and died, no doubt from exhaustion. I collected it's tiny body up on a piece of kitchen towel and placed him in the garden shed incase l was wrong and it wasn't dead but 30 minutes later his body still lays there.

16 weeks ago to the day. We lost my 11 month grandson Kylo, the bumble bee incident has tipped me over the edge😥

Till next time l guess, take care of you x