Evolving marriage
2022-08-10 05:37:51 (UTC)

New Skin Moisturizer via Hubby

Dear Diary,
Ah, Im up having some great convos, Im getting hooked!

But lets rewind, Husband and I did our check in chat with one another after work, we laid out some basic things to cover each wk when we check in and questions and will keep a notebook of it. Stuff like "Highlights of the wk for us a couple, low moments?" and "Things we want to do together" where we put in activities, goals, etc, , anything you are struggling with over the last wk? And how can I help you? and lastly, 3 things we are grateful for about one another.

We both said the highlight was the drive out to get coffee and thru the mountains, and the sexy role play teacher/student thing were 2 of our highlights :) and we are both grateful of how open we are in communication now.

I told him about my experiment with the Testosterone cream and did he want to help me with my research, he said he could have sex with me. So we went on to have dinner, then he said he wanted a bath, when he takes a bath, hes soaking for over an hour, on his phone and comes out tired, so I said "Should I go conduct my experiment alone or wait for you?" he said he was tired and blah blah blah, so I said "No problem, and he said "Well I can assist you with toys" I said "Okay then"

Well when the time came, it was all awkward and not feeling sexy, so I had to lay down, relax, some deep breaths and send him off to brush his teeth while I got the hitachi out and myself relaxed. He returned and I said "Can you select some monster apparatus to penetrate me?" and he just grinned and said "Which one?" I said "You choose" and he rubbed his hands together and I giggled. He chose Bumble hooves again, oh boy. I get all nervous, anxiety sounding when he gets those things out, just the anticipation of him penetrating with these things and how its going to feel. He comes over the bed and lays beside me as Im holding the vibrator to my clit and warming myself up and he pushes the dildo into me slowly, woooooa

He kept thrusting it into me, working me up, Im moaning and eventually I just reached over and put my hand into his shorts and grabbed his cock firmly and jerked it, letting him know how horny I was, he was hard, he told me earlier he was too tired for sex, well, lets see about that. I told him "I want you inside me, I want your COCK" and he said "Alright" and got up, and I moved to the edge of the bed on my back, my legs up, once he came up to me I had my legs straight up on his shoulders, I love it because he can press really deep into me.

We stayed in that position and it felt so good, I wanted to get on top of him and asked him to get on the bed so I could ride him, I love being on top of him with my breasts over his face, him sucking them, pinching them, nibbling at them as I ride him. So what I did notice, which I noticed when I first started testosterone, was my clit, the way it felt, almost kinda hurt lightly, thats the cream, and the sensation was sensitive, but also the urge to just grind him was very primal and aggressive, its like Im trying hard, panting and grinding and making noise, almost fucking like a dude perhaps to try and get off? And I was getting exhausted as I just could get pushed over the edge (He started to spank me but he quit too soon) So I opted to get off, grab the vibrator and finish myself off, and make him wait to cum, often I just urge him to go, and I have to wait to finish, NOT TONIGHT. He got the toy again and the vibrator and that did it, he just kept going, I had about 4 orgasms with that beastly thing and the vibrator on my clit, and then I said "Come back and fuck me and finish me off" and he moved to the side of the bed once again and entered me as I was on my back on the edge. God he felt so good! We are looking at one another, Im in heaven, and just said "I Love you" and he is saying "I love you too" and kissing my leg sweetly as hes pumping in and out of me. I love looking up at him towering me over and thrusting and he said he loves just as much looking down at me all sexy like this.

He was about to cum and I just tell him to cum for me, yes baby, please, all over me. It was on my stomach and with that, we completed the evening of no sex as he stated (Ha!)

He went to clean up and I laid there, just reached down and felt his cum on my stomach, and I didnt want to clean it off, I put my hands to it, it got cold quickly from the AC, and I didnt want to wipe it away. Ive never done much cum play, but hey why not start, I rubbed it in my hands, then onto my face, my cheeks and chin, I read its good for your skin. I then got some more on my hands and rubbed it in all over my breasts, and I was waiting for him to return, and I pretty much rubbed the rest in on my stomach area. I want him on me, I want to go to sleep with his cum on my body, Im his, I love him on me.

And he came back to bed, totally exhausted, saying "Okay, truly Im tired and going to bed" and I said "Hey I could have just taken care of myself tonight you know, I didnt make you do anything" He replied "Yeah I know but you seduced me the option of inserting monster dildos into you and got me all turned on, I couldnt help myself" and with that, his arm was draped over me and he fell asleep. And I got up to get back online for a bit.

I was rolling around and moving like a cat in bed after we finished, I just felt go good satisfied and happy.

So its 1am, the cool chat I was having when I first started to write, fizzled, I thought it was going to be a good in depth convo, the guy talked that he was into that and I said Game on, and we went round and round with topics, but hes all talk, Im not impressed by the end of our convo. You know sometimes your just talking to a bunch of guys, who are older but act like teenage boys back when you are on AOL sending you IMS and dick picks, cmon now, does it ever change?

I chatted with this one guy a good long while about his marriage, most are married couples. And he was the first real cool guy to have an actual convo with, and this guy, who is an Admin on the site reached out to me and about my posting, but it was just talking a good game and went nowhere, hes not that deep, even though he claimed he was. Oh well

So far Ive had a dude message me, claiming they are female, but I know its a dude

Ive had this supposed couple, husband and wife message me, but I suspect they are swingers or hes using both accts and playing the husband and wife role. SOrry when strange women you dont know what to tell you how they want a MMF 3 some or sex with multiple men gang bang style out of the blue, on a christian forum, Im not buying it, I think its a dude, trolling, looking for sex chat. I think he created 2 accts and he operates them

The others are sorta like little eager puppies hoping to talk about something sexy with me. Eager and trying way too hard.

Well guess Ill wrap this up for the night!