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2022-08-09 22:38:59 (UTC)

Ticking Time Bomb Kitty

Dear Diary,
Well havent gotten much done today, been online all day. Found a new place to hangout, chat and message forum and let me say its a lot of fun.

Ive had some really cool chats with some guys, its more church and sexuality based.

We got kinda into it before bed last night, I just wanted his time an attn to TALK. Sure lots of sexy time and banter, but we havent really had a talk, checking in with one another, we agreed we were going to start doing that once a wk, have a check in, recap our wk, anythings, conflicts, etc we needed to discuss, etc. ANd we havent done it and I need bonding in that way also with him. So tonight we are going to give it a go!

I also did an experiment. I applied testosterone cream to my clit, just my reg tiny application amount. Lots of people apply it there, I never have, just the labia and that fires me up as it is, but Im curious if it helps with orgasm, etc. So we shall see if any sex happens tonight or self play. I also put the foria cbd oil inside my pussy for added extra effect. So my pussy right now is a time bomb waiting to go off! Will he or wont he? :)

Have to make dinner here in a few, got my shower, and just kinda chill, another cloudy day, looks like rain!

Thank you for the comments, I enjoy them and enjoy chatting with readers, so dont be shy!

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