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2022-08-09 05:08:55 (UTC)

ra ra

nah cuz i feel like
its def the angle
bro really does have a point on that crap
people have gotten so used to fighting people into submission on twitter and all social media platforms just so that everyone's opinions and takes fit into little boxes that keep you away from getting cancelled or bathmouthed online
but like
it really doesn't matter all that much. they've just given this random bald somewhat buff man's opinion so much power. the thing about it is that the influence his words can have on people are much worse becuase they'll take his crap at face value. im sure from x's view, he might be thinking of those viewers whose lives really aren't online. that they might go into the real world with real girls and women and spew out a bunch of crap saying that women can't drive, and no girl wants to deal with that sort of dumb crap. it's the fact that it's out of the context of his life, specifiically.
"women can't drive" to HIM, who has been in multiple accidents caused by women. his reasoning for why those things happened may or may not be true, i dont know, i also dont care. he just has a lot of women in his life that aren't the best drivers, or were in a lot of unfortunate road mishaps.
but thats all him.
doesn't really have to be the same for you or for me.
the rest of the stuff he's saying, some of it, bits and pieces, i feel are kind of spot on.
people really are so scared to offend, to the point that they (me) withdraw so much.

you really gotta loosen up.
it would probably allow you to be educated of why some of the things you'd think are plain wrong and why, rather than holding back those sorts of beliefs forever and never knowing why you shouldn't say them, you know?
if you aren't a mean person, or a racist, sexist, etc person (like solidly, unchangeable, not even due to ignorance, you just straight up are discriminating and prejudice), just do thing as long as you aren't HURTING (physically or purposefully (you know to make fun insensitively (hm. yeha u can be funny and joke around without making someone the butt of the joke))) anyone or being an actual donkey, its chill. i think.

dont make fun of peoples accents, languages, or speech. if its a family thing, keep it in the family.
i know some people favor *dark humor* AKA controversial or morally questionable statements made in (hopefully) pure satire. a lot of them, i just feel aren't funny whatsoever.
if you're humor involves making a joke out of someone's language (im not even gonna mention the accent/healthcare/dentalcare/fastfood/schoolshters/etc. war between british and american ppl its a lost cause) then don't come near me.
personally, i rly just dont get the humor of some people being straight weird memes off the internet or out of context videos without like anything else. sometimes, on tiktok, accompanied by music and even funnier comments, it gets me. but not all the time.
if your humor comes from making jokes about kids and r*pe and p*dophiles and dead people (sigh), also stay away from me.

where was i even going with this.
i dont care anymore.
i just, sometimes, feel boxed in. you always wanna say the right thing. but sometimes there is no right thing. theres only what you have experienced and what statistics that you can't see in real time are telling you. but with billions of people living on the same fudging planet as me, i know for a fact that not every man or woman or girl or boy or anyone inbetween or outside of that is going to be the exact same based on some little part of their personalities/identities. come on now.

and i dont find it to be my problem whether i as a person am well digested by people.
im okay. my family is alright.
everythings fine.
nothing matters.
i cannot do this anymore.
help me.
okay its body but everyone has their angles.
but im wondering is it because im a girl? is it simply because i have the biological build of a female that im feeling this way??
i wish i could be all tough about it.
i feel weak for shedding a single tear for this crap that doesnt matter as long as i say it doesn't.

its not becuase im a girl right?
id hate that. i would rly hate to be seen as an emotional person. or an insecure person. feels gross.