Lost for words at times
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2022-08-08 17:16:27 (UTC)

Manchild is oddly different🤔🙄

Saturday night, manchild was suppose to have a gig in the next town. I wasn't planning on going as l don't like being out of my comft zone being in a strange town without any quick escape route. I know l shouldn't look at thing's like that but after previous issue's who could blame me.

Saturday morning he came around doing what he normally does moaning and complaining about thing's up at the munster house. I don't think l gave him the response he wanted as he left only to return and hour later. Thats when l told him l wouldn't be going to watch his band. He wasn't impressed with my decision and l wasn't backing down. He left again, l felt awful that l had somehow let him down.

Late Saturday, l had a phone call from manchild saying his gig had been cancelled because his drummer had tested positive for covid. His two other replacement drummers, already had other commitments. So the gig was off! What did l tell him to do "Ooh you can come around here" to my amazement he took up the offer. I had all sorts running through my mind, worse case scenario i'd be a booty call, friend's with benifit's scenario again. But no! We had a great time catching up with beer and wine under the warm night sky. Talking for hours about past history and my recent event's. We both fell asleep on my miss match of garden furniture. Obviously me sleeping on the sunlounger he had to take the chair. He woke me at 5am by trying to cover me up with a throw as l was cold. I made us coffee and he went home to return at 9.30 with McDonald's breakfast.

Manchild is oddly different to how he used to be 12 months ago. Has he always been the way he is now and l didn't see it? Or is it because where just friend's? Either way, l will be cautious.

He is going to be taking me to work tonight, which i'm grateful for as my foot/ankle the one where l broke my toes is still giving me hell.

Until next time, take care of you x

Grateful for
My family and friend's
My online friend 'K'🖤

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