Evolving marriage
2022-08-08 03:57:59 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
Its 10pm. Been a fun chill wknd. Husband is at my feet passed out. Im sure hes out for the night. Ill wrangle him up to get in bed after I write my entry and have some alone time this eve, unless I get tired suddenly.

We went for a drive this am, after play this am, I put the socks on when I got in bed and the white tank top, he was rubbing the socks when he woke up, took a bit of snuggling till things got moving between us. Blow Job time,, we got ourselves together quickly after that to head to the coffee shop, and go for a mountain drive. Weather was gorgeous and even some cool air in the mountains. We got back home and I sat online, husband worked on some writing. Then he came in and said he was gonna shower and clean up, I told him hed better take me up on pegging him today. So there he was! I got my black lingerie and stockings on, black vinyl gloves, I walked in the bathroom all serious telling him I got word hes been involved with younger students (from our role play scenario) oh and by the way, the blow job and play this am, that was based off the previous role play, I just continued the school girl needing to keep her school record clean. We had anal sex again this am, as Im still having a bit of a heavier period. I can take it, dont get injured and dont hurt afterwards, this is probably become the most in my life Ive encountered anal sex. Its so short the past times, so its interesting to just feel him inside me there, and the thrusting is heavenly, really that is nice when your open and perfectly aroused. I like when hes pressed harder full into me and his body against me rather then the pulling way out to the head.

I ended up pegging him, we had the Ginger Pear gummie edibles, so good! Just one each, I seductively moved my hips slowly to peg him. Not the rought stuff as he usually doesnt do well with that. I also played the role play again as like a head admin for the school confronting him over roomers of him having anal sex with students (ha yes just a role play fantasy silly scenario}

We ended up swapping over to real sex a bit later this afternoon, then back to me giving him lots of oral.

Im all over the place, my perception of time is missing and off.

I just know, Im on the rouch in knee high white socks, short shorts, black and a white tank top with no bra, and Im going to go use the vibrator alone, cause hes passed out, Im high, and I can just ride the edging wave for a long time, (I didnt even share about mutual masturbation happening) and the dirty gang bang movie he put on his phone to entertain me.

I love when hes dirty, I want more.... and yeah I know Im probably a little off typing this up right now, but what the heck right?