Evolving marriage
2022-08-07 11:09:51 (UTC)

Up at 5am

Dear Diary,
Here I sit typing at 5am, crazy, Ive been up since about 3 when hubby woke us up to get in bed. I ended up getting back up, we fell asleep before dark on the couch so I already slept several hours, 5 or so already, so I probably wont go back to sleep.

He brought us home Chik Fil A chicken cobb salads with honey mustard dressing, mmmmm

We were sitting on the couch, sorta doing our own thing and he looks up and says "Did you enjoy last night?" I said "Yes, very much" He said he did also and loved the role play, we had not planned to role play, it just happened. And it was hot, for both of us, he wanted to check that he didnt say anything inappropriate and that I was okay with everything, of course I was!!!! Funny the things we both worry about with one another at times. In my head, Im thinking "get dirtier and naughtier with me!" He also said "Your ass felt really good last night" :) Yay, maybe I can get more of that. I do love it and want it more in the ass.

Ive masturbated 2 or 3 times here on the couch, its one of those times where no porn really sounds interesting or flips my switch, ever have those moments?

I am tempted to put something sexy on, the knee socks and tank top and crawl back in bed like that, it will turn him on when he awakes,,,, I just have to quietly shuffle in the room to get stuff, and it will be light out soon!

I think I will probably put the knee socks on and a tank top and some lube in and on my ass and shoved my behind up against him and try and go back to sleep, then when he awakes Im ready for him should he so choose to take that adventure.

Since he was gone yesterday, we will have all day Sunday together, what to do!

I was reading old emails from him, when we first started dating from 2001! I had them saved in a folder and was re reading them and read some to him this eve, they are so sweet and cute and sexy and.... he made fun of himself, I found him so sweet and sexy,,,, ah a lifetime ago you know!

Well guess Id better go shuffle for sexy attire in the dark and hope not to wake him, later