The World's End
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2022-08-06 14:48:50 (UTC)

Rejected, Betrayed, Disregarded, Unloved, Hacked & Scammed!!!

I want to say everything is okay now finally, but I don't want to jinx it.

I realize that everything won't be okay all the time, but this constant barrage of badness since my husband died can end now!

Let me list what's all happened these last 3 years:

1) I had a $500.00 Bill for calling a suicide prevention hotline!
2) I had bills I couldn't pay for blood tests that said everything was fine with me. 😞 My former friends helped me with those bills, and I'm sure most of my physical problems are just from my grief.
3) I found out no one actually cares about me. I know there's other people going through that, but was it after everyone that CARED about them died - their parents and the love of your life? Add to the world's rejection and my loneliness - ultimate loss. I don't want anyone to go through what I'm going through, not even my worst enemies. No one can seem to comprehend what it's like to have absolutely no one in this world. I wish someone understood somehow, without going through what I'm going through.
4) I've been hacked twice and scammed.

There will be daily problems and stresses, I understand - can all this majorely stressful stuff stop now, though?

My Grief is enough, thanks!