Reality’s Reality

Reflecting Reflections
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2022-08-06 17:37:31 (UTC)

It’s like seeing through ..

It’s like seeing through virtual reality goggles. It’s the projecting onto other people of what one believes those people to be, but those people are not what’s projected onto them. And every single person has on their own virtual reality goggles and sees out and projects their own version of what they believe other people to be. I guess it’s projecting potential and things like that. Like with my neighbors, I see them out of my virtual reality and automatically think that they withhold certain traits, characteristics and understandings of themselves, everyone else, and of reality. I think it’s a projection of one’s own development and relative state of being, and it depends on the social hierarchy that the shading of a projection is different, like thermo imaging. So that would mean that when I look out and see is just a variation of what’s real, and that variation changes as I develop with time. It’s a constant altering of perspective and projection of a reality that’s being seen through virtual states of perceiving. It’s a constant state of adjusting the thing that the eye doctor uses: is it better one or better two? It’s weird stuff, and I can’t know to know that knowing this is a real version of knowing anything. But it’s sci fi stuff and that’s cool I guess.