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2022-08-06 08:51:30 (UTC)

Next time, he'll know.better

So Tall texted me around 11 last night. Clearly a booty call, since I told him i had plans and was going to be in at a reasonable time. I left him on read, so maybe a little passive aggressive, but he just can't assume i'm there for service at his whim.

TBH, i was contemplating inviting Fedex over for a quick bop, but there are no quick bops with him. Plus, he's more of a round 2 guy, which, due to size issues, are not as enjoyable as my hormones would have me believe. But in light of the text and my subsequent guilt, i didn't go the Fedex route. And for real, maybe it was better for me to be by my lonesome, and explore some things and experiment. Half a J and i was pretty mellow. The more mellow, the more i can forget my anxieties and i'm getting off so much easier. Now, i have to translate that to times when i'm with a guy. I feel like it will happen. I'm feeling less shy about asking for stuff and realizing if not me, then who. Therapy is great when it's working!

So, he called me this am, sorta apologized for the late night booty text. Guess I'm glad i left him on read. He did ask about tonight, but i'm off to Miami to see my parents and a visiting relative i haven't seen in eons. I'll probs stay over and we'll do brunch Sunday morning.

So, my unavailability has struck a chord with Tall. I'm guessing he won't be last minuting me again. So, yeah, next time, he'll know better.

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