Tia Pelusa

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2022-08-06 16:17:11 (UTC)


What is it? Met a nice guy, told him what I was looking for (long term thing and just another hook up) he was at the same page.

Met once for coffee, once well (maybe that was the problem) in my apartment where one thing let to another but we met yesterday to see a movie (where I really behaved) and wanted to meet up today where he wanted to stay over night.

What happend? 4 o'clock came and went. I whished him a good morning but got no response, same at noon. Then waiting an hour and seems like he blocked me on the messanger.

Yes we spoke on the phone too and it went nice, long talks though, which I don't mind really.

But no response at all? Well that is a shitty behaviour. And now I am both pissed and worried that something happend. If he didn't wanted anymore contact then tell it by phone or message but don't leave this girl hanging in suspense.

Again a lesson learned and again another brick in the wall where my raisin is being save for further sorrows and worries and little heart breaks.

So what do I do wrong? Should I have cuddles in the movie or at least hold his hand although he didn't offered it either?

Why is it so difficult to find something true, honest and real?

I really thought it would be different this time.

Loosing my hope again. Maybe it is never meant for me to find one guy by my side.