Evolving marriage
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2022-08-06 13:32:56 (UTC)

Schoolgirl Cont

Dear Diary,
I was literally falling asleep writing the last entry, with the laptop on my lap on the couch, I sleep better in our bed so I didnt want to pass out on the couch and then be woke up early by him getting ready to go.

Its 7:30am now, I really wanted to sleep in longer, boo

So I wrapped it up quickly last night, because I was too tired.

With the role playing he said he wanted to see my laptop and that since I had been naughty he had to review what I had on it, to make sure I wasnt in trouble there, haha, I didnt have anything in one of those rare moments but he went and looked up this old porn he told me about earlier he remember, called Down the Hatch, and he put it on the screen and told me it was on my laptop, I denied I did that and this was a set up, but he said Id better watch. It was girls giving blow jobs and men cumming in their mouths, and Im saying "Oh were they bad too? THey need it off their record also??" and hes saying "Yes Yes" and sometimes a few men, and Im saying "OH they were naughty and got in trouble with several teachers?" hed reply "Mmhmm" and then Id ask what was coming out and happening and say "Oh they said bad words so they are getting their mouths washed out with soap?" he said "Yess" we just kept going until he could find one with Anal and then show me and tlel me that is what I was going to need to do.

Hes laying on his back on the couch a little propped up during all that and Id suck his cock on and off as wed talk and watch or hed tell me I need to do more of that, but then guide me back off, I knew he was going to cum the rate it was going and we still had more to do :)

We have had anal less then a dozen times since we have been together I believe. I want it more, hes never expressed wanting to do it, so when it happens, its at my suggestion. We started it with me on top and then as of late Im on my back on the edge of the bed, and hes in my pussy or using a toy at the same time when we do it. I have never been in doggie or from behind and wanted to try. So that is what we did.

I did get good and worked up with the play, and I did have a large butt plug in to make it easier on me.

We did use lube, and really it all went well. But I found it a little hard to take in the way I wanted it, I was actually more comfortable with him fully pressed inside me, not midway, but also didnt want to be banged hard, sorta med, as that was a bit much for me also, I think that is the the thing with anal, its nothing like vaginal sex, vaginal sex is easy to relax in and feels different. Anal is a bit more intense and more work, different sensations, but interesting how I can cum from it. It hits me in a way, but once I cum, Im usually done, its like my body says "OKay, nope, evacuate!" and it doesnt feel as good. But last night we used the hitachi on my pussy at the same time and I was able to cum 4 times. And Im glad he didnt stop even after he came, he kept going, I was so into it and by that point I was standing fully upright not doggie as hes fucking me and then I just collapsed and was bent over with my head resting on the couch, moaning as he kept going, I couldnt make out anything he was saying to me. I was lost in the moment. Ive been wanting this, I tell him, I point out in porn how aroused anal scenes make me, we do questions and I say things, but he doesnt do it, so I never know what to make of how he feels about it.

We talked about something last night prior to all this, how he thinks hes dirtier in his mind and hes been exposed to a lot and watched more porn in his life and seen things (since he was 10) but the difference between us, is that Im the more expressive one, he keeps a lot of that inside himself and doesnt share it, hasnt until me. But a lot of the same goes for me, but I had this inside of me and didnt freely express it, I didnt understand it all. I didnt think that side of me was okay to express as it was sinful or something.

I do feel a bit of discomfort when Im horny more then him and want to materbate after we have had sex or fooled around and he has cum, and I have also sometimes, I want to again, we dont typically have a round 2 so I have my own often, and I am trying to be relaxed about it, he tells me its okay but I admit I feel a level of anxiety that Im making him uncomfortable when I want to keep going and pleasure myself, he did lay next to me and talk to me as I was using the toy on the couch, I had the knee high white socks and tank top still on, nothing else and the tank top resting right on my breasts midway, I was vibrating my pussy and once he finally started to touch my nipples and lightly smack my breasts, then I was getting close to cumming and telling him so. I did twice in a row, and thats when he said to me "You are one sexy woman" and I appreciate that.

It was like this past wk we did anal one time on the bed in a sort of sideways laying down position and he said "Yes, theres that sweet little asshole" and hearing him say that turned me on so bad, just those words, Ive never heard him say that. I get off on being told Im a good girl or things like that.

I asked him if he thinks of sex at times outside of what we are doing and wishes he was, or thinks of certain acts, and he said that yes, it was that he wanted to be pegged twice this past wk but had bowel issues from food those days, so it wasnt gonna happen. I think that is his kink, but he doesnt share a lot with me, as I need a heads up for an approach often times when its a good time, but I have initiated it many of the times, the last 2 he wasnt able to orgasm from the pegging or anal stimulation as it got to be too much for him at a certain point and we switched over to either sex or I gave him a blow job to make him cum. But Im all willing to peg him, havent had much practice as of late with the harness and dildo, as we havent gotten that far, its more me holding one myself, warming him up with my fingers which he does well with that part, and then we progress, but then it gets to be too much somewhere along the way the last few times.

All in all, things are good, yes we have much more to talk about, iron out, he needs to communicate better, learn to express his desires and not be guarded also.

So hes gone! Its been mos since Ive had a day to myself alone

I masturbate more because my drive is so high and Id drive him nuts as sometimes its several times a day and he cant keep up with that, but I do really want privacy at times to just explore myself and its really hard with the office next to the bedroom, he can hear the vibrator or a movie I watch, and I really want to be alone. And he often walks in the room, and Im like dammit go away(I dont say that) but he kills my vibe because most of the time I know hes not gonna wanna sit and watch but he says he would, that is something Im not sure about with him yet as hes usually working and I dont think will stop and focus on watching me. Who knows, hes a different man then many, doesnt operate like what you read about guys in magazines and forums. We have a lot of role reversal in those areas in how they are expresed where I identify more with males a lot.

Well lets go see what trouble I can get into!

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