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2022-08-06 06:21:00 (UTC)

late night turned morning thoughts

No because he looks so lost but like, hes LOOKING, focus solely on the person he came to rescue.
And like, it's basically the same for the other dad too bc he's smiling all sweetly to his baby mama and its adorable and i wont survive if one of them perishes.
but yeah im seeing how the 'mean to everyone but nice to me' trope would be popular but w/o seeing an example of such a thing, i'd still think it were a crap situation cuz like, poor character??? but that doesnt stop ppl from liking them :)

and it's kinda how i was about the as dusk falls brothers bc
middle bro was all annoying and teasing and plain rude/mean (lowkey funny tho) but he had this girl that he was apparently crushin on and i imagine like he'd be all annoyingly pissy to everyone, teasingly annoying to friends, and like fall over himself; an idiot; with this girl he's trying to impress and thats cute. to imagine, that is.
and then like tyler,, the gruff, somewhat aggressive man that he was,, he still did show leadership and def played the oldest sibling role well, but he didnt laugh at all the entire time, not sure he even smiled once. so im thinking he'd be the one dubbed with that 'grumpy sunshine' since he'd be all moody but still come around to someone he likes and try to make them happy. also cute. to imagine, just to clarify.
ohhhh and the softie. youngest bro. idk. he seems like. normal, at least in the fact that he was good natured. he was sorta fallen for that one Mel girl just over the way she helped him out for seemingly no reason other than being a rich girl who doesnt like a strict parent. their romance,, it was pretty empty. ik dontai and jojo were only getting him with her bc they thought theyd..well idk. anyway. im guessing softie would be even more soft for a liked person. and like he'd show them all his little nature things and discoveries, letting them know abt his hobbies since it makes him happy ig. thats cute too.

i was thinking like. PAUL. cuz he didn't really fall into that grump trope or whatever but he was attractive in a different way that i can barely explain. ive gotten into this habit of using the word pathetic loosely because of social media but thats not even what i really want to use to describe him, because he isnt pathetic, not really at all. (i bet there are so many double negatives in the way i write these entries.) on socials they'd get into calling some of the more emotional/empathetic/compassionate/fearful characters pathetic or whatever. or calling any of the male characters who were somewhat shorter than some of the main cast/had longer hair/weren't awfully masculine, a twink. i have no comment on any of those shenanigans.

but paul. he was pretty cool. i found him attractive in traits besides simply physical. i liked the general shape of his face, although it makes him look kinda sad, still good looking to me. the fact that he's been sober for like 2 years is cool because it shows that he was aware of his problem and took action to fix it (insert heart eyes emoji). he knew some first aid knowledge. he fought in a war (?? or was at least out there long enough to be very affected) but doesn't seem to make it apart of his personality. he showed emotion, lol. not a mean man. lowkey was still pining for the lady he liked so many years ago. has a cat- OMG I OVERLOOKED THIS PREVIOUSLY BUT AHHH HE HAS A CAT ISNT THAT ADORABLE-- some ppl just dont understand the appeal of the duo, man and cat. hombre y gato. w combo. but anyway i liked paul. probably favorite character, alongside the midbro and the main father.
i also just kinda thought he'd be pretty hot in bed. not that i would know anything about that. i just. you know. his attitude and demeanor. even his stance (people dont talk enough about the power of the way someone stands or sits...THAT MANSPREAD FROM FREAKING UHH black adam and that one dude from my class.. maybe it was height?? idkk) was kinda attractive. i think i just liked his vibe fr.

so yeah. thats a wrap.
well no. havent finished the movie. kinda hungry now.
gong yoo continues to be one of the most attractive actors ive ever found out about to date
and hes a dilf here- omg thats a little crude. not false though.
wait he's actually a dilf irl too. oml im tossing this topic to the subconscious, we must stay focused (insert horny sigh emoji)