Evolving marriage
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2022-08-06 07:10:40 (UTC)

Sexy Schoolgirl

Dear Diary,
Its 1am, I could have fallen asleep, and was laying in bed, but got up thinking I needed to write things down. If I dont, the details start to fade from memory of things that happened, more fresh afterwards.

I was in a bleh mood, we went out for dinner reservations and I was just snappy and almost crying before we left, told hubby I just cant "go there" with a talk right before going out, and I needed to eat. So off we went, had a nice booth, we had a nice Red wine, another chartruterie board, and salmon and chicken and dumplings. Everything was excellent! Our moods had relaxed, he was super stressed from work and so we really just had to decompress.

Headed home, and sat on the couch, my cube light arrived today, but it wasnt dark yet , but we did sit and talk and listen to music, had dessert wine from 2002! We finally opened it and some fancy dark chocolate at home.

Sat out for quite awhile in the living room then he went to pack for his time out early on the range tomm and loaded the car, he has to wake up before 6am. I was laying in his lap on the couch and he said "What are you thinking?" I replied "Im horny" he said "You are?" and he made some comment that I was on my period and I said "So? Not like we cant do other things, and I said there is always mutual masterbation or anal as I had a cup in for the bleeding. And I wasnt in the mood for messy heavy bleeding sex and the mess, etc. He opted for the anal,, so I needed a min, went to our room and applied the Foria lube for anal with cbd and one of the cute heart butt plugs, the large one. And then put on white knee high socks with blue and red stripes at the top, just got them from Amazon today. Also a tight white tank top and a blue short pleated skirt. He was on the couch and laying back and I walked in, crawled up on his lap and he said I looked like a naughty school girl and thus we started role playing. I was a naive school girl who got in trouble and he was the teacher. But I needed the bad grades off my record, and he was going to help me. By having me remove his shorts, and kiss his cock, I played young and naive and just gave little kisses, so he told me "Open your mouth" and guided me holding my head and pushing it down on his cock, telling me what to do. Loved it! We did a lot of role play dirty talk, about being naughty and what was I gonna do to get him to get it off my record. Ended up finally ending that and turned over as he wanted to see my butt plug, I told him it was a safeguard by my parents to keep boys out of me. He said he would have to remove it, and he did, and lubed me and himself up. I stood up and held onto the back of the couch, so he could get inside me easier, and that he did! He slid right in and it was hard to take, I asked for help, and he gave me the vibrator and then I was able to fully get into him fucking me in the ass. And I just moaned and had my head down on the couch, I couldnt hear a word he was saying, but knew he had already came in my ass but was able to keep thrusting and got me to orgasm 2 more times during that.

I was exhausted but happy. I laid on the couch and he told me "You are one sexy woman" and I grabbed the hitachi and proceeded to masturbate with it right in front of him. He rubbed my legs and inner thighs

Oh my goodness Im falling asleep typing this on the couch, my eyes are closing and head leaning down, better go, Night