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2022-08-05 19:03:00 (UTC)

Stages Intertwined 👍🏼Updated👍🏼

welcome to the show my friends,
festivities have begun
see this stage was set already,
it’s inertias development
the triumphs and woe,
damn forsake the utter lows i’ve seen
alas these vibrations are what is deemed to be.
so it be

wreaking transitions

one falls in currents as waves raise so wicked and deep
the undertow of lifes a divergent from which we must seek
ebb and flow of dispositions, accepting that they’re meant… let be
wrought in cancerous segments of dividing what you not control

naked reflections

prolific evolutions are radiated in newborn energy and life, scare
retarded enigmas of constitution where moral fibers move double time
waves are sent in inflammation of these befuddled points we derive
breath and accept the allurations of beautifully crested begins thru time

embrace enlightenment

stage was set before the nebulas of two became one,
so stated life
ones fraught in pentacles of instigations,
yet it seldom sequesters aye!
since only the eye will stop progression.
it's the me that breaks a stride
collecting past props,
no longer in use they're out of time..
seasons i

watch euphorically

the vibrations and infusions that will alliterate the grains of changing scenes
sift thru quieted movements that pronunciate the views that will refine
all these abstract confessions and impositions blurry the lines
hope and a little faith will gift us truthful compositions, shower eyes

deliverance misaligned

as ones caught in waves that provocate illusions that pilfer burnt ides
changing rotations deliver zestful horizons that see one writhing new life
accounting infrastructures which saw this devine manifest meandered glides
mortar adytums slowly in relaquieries once seen astounding paradigms

glistening yelps

culminations of progressed impositions find themselves inverted
such prolific juxtapositions elocute reasons knowledge of the sublime
quiver in the eradication of nuclear-esque grandmorphings alight
fumble not such gifts quizzically the stage was set for virgin divines

in spite

this cast will be intrinsic, such playwrights never known alive
i will proliferate the elaborate inclusions of life in vibrant lights
a master of the velveteen canopies that kiss mahogany thighs
such plateaus are my stages i am triumphantly now intertwined

Friend called…
“They left for the weekend…..
I’m home alone….
No clue what I’m going to eat…
No food, no money, no weed…..
You should come up…..”

My reply….
“Well, my son bought me dinner
So I’m going to eat
And YOU know how it goes…..
Don’t want to drive the distance on a full stomach, all tired and such….”

They say…
“Lemme guess…McDonald’s?”


“Burger King?”


“Subway? A&W?”

“No and no”

What’s left??

“An actual restaurant where I brought home 6 butterfly shrimp, 3 pieces of Cod, a potato, coleslaw, rye bread, and a fruit plater”
“All that was 13$”

“Oh well, that’s nice….guess I’m going to eat a Bologna Sammach….”

“Well enjoy, text me later if ya want”
and hung up laughing my ass off.
I knew they would pull this shit.
I’m smart, and so proud of myself for not being my usual self before my vacation….
I woulda been there because I felt sorry for them….
Not now.
When they didn’t show last week, after saying they were coming, and I told them I didn’t thaw anything out because I wasn’t sure they were coming, so eat first….and they said never mind, I don’t wanna drive after eating…then the next day they didn’t have money….one excuse after another….
Made this weekend so much easier.
I don’t feel guilty at all.
I am relaxed, relieved, and humored
And I’m loving it

I’m going to color my hair
Grab a shower
Smoke a little
Get into Diablo Immortal
Maybe some music
Pop some ibuprofen
(Very Slight headache still)
And I’m going to relax
No need to get up early
And will enjoy my night
Might actually sleep
Last night I got 5 hours in
Night before was 3 hours
Maybe tonight I will get 7 hours in
Ganna try :)

Night y’all
Much Love,

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They sent a video call…
I answered….
They thought I’d change my mind and come there
Showed I was in pjs trying to digest dinner I just finished
They thought I had eaten earlier
Showed them what was left….1/2 potatoe and the shrimp tails and slaw juices
They said ohhh
Yep I’m not doing it
I’m staying right here
Took a few hits already
So they said be there early morning
(Wondered how they would feel if I said ok, then had 3 different reasons why I couldn’t show five hours later)
We do have storms coming again Sunday
But said…..
Who knows…
Tomorrow is tomorrow
I’m not making any plans
I’m doing what I want….
When I want….

Back to relaxing…..
I doubt they will call again tonight