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The Importance of Being Earnest...and Frank
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2022-08-05 23:30:34 (UTC)


After the speed walk yesterday I knew I'd hurt all over. I took some pain meds and for the most they helped. Today, no hard workouts, just stretching and such.

The 14 yr old overslept for school; Wifey talked with her and long story short I disenrolled her from public school and we set her up with an online school after a search etc. It'll be the best for her social anxiety like the 17 yr old did so it works out.

Disenrolling her today I had to go to the campus bookstore next to the cafeteria, during lunch time for the kids. For a split second I had flashbacks to my own social anxiety from my high school days, then I said to myself "You're grown now, man tf up and fuck these kids (not literally; youknowhatimean!).

Now I'm about to take a nap (4:30pm)after scrolling, Yelp reviews and etc.

Easy day, hurting muscles but OK, IT'S FINE!


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