Pinwheels and Tangerines
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2022-08-05 20:38:38 (UTC)

Banjo Odyssey

Every now and then I love me some blue grass. This song is satire and done quite well lol. Great band, I'm a fan now. So my goal was to fast for 21 days haha. That did not happen... I surely wasn't drinking enough water and my hands were tingling, very annoying. When I googled it made mention I was in ketosis (yay!!) but not enough electrolytes and that can be dangerous. So I did complete three days and the fourth day I broke fast with some blueberries which turned into other fruits and had some steak for protein. Today I am back to fasting and thinking this schedule is more realistic long term. Fast three days, eat one day, repeat. I've been drinking the snake juice but sometimes I don't have a desire to drink at all. Forcing myself to drink the daily amount is key to keeping my electrolytes up and a successful outcome. I walk a minimum of one hour a day and try to keep busy around the house. There are moments where I think I'm going to cave when the delectable waft of burgers oozing in cheese entangles my nostrils or the vinegary tang of spicy buffalo wings slap me from across the room haha. But then I envision myself in my new body and tell myself "you're not giving up now, don't waste all you've done. You can eat later." I flash faces I'd like to laugh at too who were straight assholes, giving sole importance to weight and physical physique. Once it subsides and I'm fiery within to stay focused. I've started reading the book: It Ends With Us. I've seen it all over tiktok and thought to give it a shot, its good so far. I read most of my books online and free here at Looking into some business ideas... I don't want to say much until I've taken action but I'm excited. That is what I have been missing in life in the areas that really need it. Replacing overthinking with action.

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