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2022-08-05 02:18:04 (UTC)

duchar. now? ahora? its only 3am... im lazy man.

"According to its literal definition, thought is merely an idea or opinion created by your mind. It is sudden and spontaneous and has no particular origin whatsoever. It is safe to say that thoughts are just your mind making up random scenarios in your head, right? Hence, these are not real. Your thoughts are not real. They are just an idea that your mind presented to you most probably due to an external stimulus."

Makes way more sense than I would've expected.

[live in the moment, the present, not in the mind and thought that are often shapeless]

"Your thoughts are just as real as you make them. The more attention you give to a thought, the more elaborate it becomes. The bigger you make it, the more it will affect you. For example, if you randomly have a thought about eating ice cream, it will last only a second, and then pass by. However, if you stop and grab that thought, ponder hard on it and overthink it, you will crave ice cream. Understand?"

And real-er in the literal sense because you're strengthening the neural connections every time you allow your mind to fall back into those particular thoughts.

{harry potter glasses, now u are freed from your chains haha, am i cringe?? am i ugly?? no
sometimes, i dont want to grow up. because that means getting bigger. taking up even more space. being seen because i cant hide behind my parents anymore. having things expected of you. facing the opinions of other people. more room to disappoint.
You know it's called self-worth for a reason. How YOU value YOUrself not how other ppl value you. BRO. I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO THAT.
JUST GENERALLY THINK YOU'RE AWESOME? AND EVERYTHING YOU DO IS OKAY AS LONG AS YOU CONSIDER IT OKAY? BECAUSE ALL THATS TRUE?j>?? i been knew that, its just hard to state the obvious sometimes because I get caught up trying to water myself down in case someone thinks badly of me when they obviously OBVIOUSLY (did i mention it was obvious?) THEY COULDNT DISLIKE MEE??? i dont do anything bad to people (except for blocking them when i def do not need to be talking to them) and im pretty decent if i do say so myself. in conclusion, i am a child so i cant be cringe, and ugly is subjective and subjectively i think i look normal and what i often perceive as flaws are not actually flaws and simply features that i will continue to grow into as i age}

"what even is cringe? its an empathetic response that people have when they see someone do or say something they find [awkward, weird, or embarrassing]. It can create feelings of compassion, or feelings of contempt. People who feel contempt are the people who make others feel bad because they are convinced they'd never allow themselves to act in such a "cringy" way, and they Need you to know it. even though its cheesy, hurt people hurt people.

Everyone can try to learn to love the "cringy" stuff about them.

A lot of the time the cringy parts of you are the authentic, enthusiastic, happy, joyful and loud parts of you. All great, awesome stuff, that makes us human."

awk, weird, and embarrassing arent fundamentally bad. theyre simply uncomfortable at times (1 and 3 at least)
but if those weird, awkward, and embarrassing moments are your happiest and dont harm anyone else (ignoring ppl who simply cannot handle the audacity of a person to act even a little 'abnormal'), who cares bro, just live. yolo or soemthing

tbh the whole human race is a flaw, (no offense God, so sorry, just ranting, ... IM.), literally killing each other over slightest differences, hating each other, killing ourselves, killing whole planets, killing animals, honestly humans just want the universe to burn and die, whether that outcome is something they work towards intently or just a result of offhanded actions (littering wihtout thinking abt it, bullying mugs for crap to make them hate themselves, suddenly deciding that fans of a certain work are cringe simply because u dont like it).
but here we are. still not smote off the face of this dying earth.
so i guess it doesnt really matter, huh

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