Gone mental

Notes from my Black
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2022-08-05 04:50:10 (UTC)

The end is near

To be certain, the end comes. Every event ends. Every life ends.

What I’ve been working on is the book launch. It’s going ok. I don’t expect to sell many the last day of my KS campaign. It’s how it goes. I scheduled it to end on a day of the week people don’t tend to back this sort of thing. So, whatever. It’s basically finished. Soon the next bit of new to me hard work will begin! Publishing a book is surprisingly more complicated than I ever thought it would be. It’s a mini business with many tentacles… and I don’t necessarily feel in control of any of them… much less feel able to predict any of them and their direction. I know 98% of people don’t make money doing this. Even after this KS I’m still far in the red. I’ve enjoyed it though. I hope I can make it continue.

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